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Year in Fic Meme

Yes! Another fic meme. I created this one last year and I think it's a great way to reflect back on the fic you've written (fanfic--any fandom and original fic). I encourage my flist to participate. Not only does it give you a sense of accomplishment, but it also is a way to pimp your stuff to the rest of your flist. Who knows. We might have missed a fic and now have the chance to read it :)

So, take out your records. See what you've written no matter the fandom. Review your original fic. And let us know! And if you feel so inclined, feel free to take a peek at mine. It's very very long...eep.

Name the fics that you've written this year, a little bit about them, and what inspired you to write them or why you wrote it. Provide a link if you wish.

I wrote a lot of little fics this year to destress, experiment, and test my writing techniques. These are in alphabetical order, not chronological and are divided by type (ship, slash, gen). For those of you who don't know, I am gen person. Woohoo! But I do dabble in ship and slash in the fandom for fun. Even for pairings I like, I don't want to see them on the show.



A Priori: Okay, probably my most ambitious fic. It started because I wanted to find an original way to bring back a popular character that many people love and do it in a way where I could manipulate canon to make it work. I've seen the character brought back in a lot of fic, but I wanted to put a whole new spin on it. It morphed from there and turned into my longest fic ever in the SG-1 fandom. Set at the end of Season 9 and written before Season 10, it has twists and turns; an array of guest characters that we've seen from season 1 thru season 9; action/adventure; and angst. Some people like it. Some people don't. I'm still proud of it. And for what it is worth, stuff that I have written in this fic have been showing up in Season 10 of SG-1. Who knew I could write something prophetic ;)

Borrowed Time: A short drabble I wrote just to reawaken my muse. I was missing Jacob, so I wrote a little bit on him. It focuses on his thoughts on Sam.

By Her Judgement: Sam-centric team fic written for the Sam Carter Ficathon. I'd written long fics that focused on Jack and long fics that focused on Daniel. I really wanted to take part in something where I could concentrate on Sam. This was the perfect opportunity. I didn't expect to write a novella for this ficathon, but I get wordy. I'm glad that I did. I'm fairly pleased how this came out. Like everything I write, I am never 100% happy, but it was a great experience.

Cohesion: Missing scene for Morpheus. It's Cam's pov and fills in some gap in an otherwise decent team episode. I'm proud of my Cam voice in this fic.

Deceptions: sela21k was looking for some Daniel/Weir fic over at daniel_weir. This fic didn't end up being ship, but it's a gen fic which explores Weir's uneasiness at the SGC and Daniel assisting her. It takes place before New Order some time when Elizabeth is heading the SGC. I've received mixed reviews on this fic, but it was fun to write nonetheless.

Deranged: I wrote this Daniel and Sam (with Jack and Teal'c) friendship fic for aurora_novarum for her birthday. It's a new spin on an old cliche focusing on how Sam and Daniel pass the time on a planet where they are singled out for who they are. It's light and it's short and was a great change from my normal angsty stuff. This is one of my fave fics I've written for the year.

Distance: This was written for rowan_d for that drabble meme. Sam angst. Late S9.

Double Entendres: This is just a humor fic that pokes fun at RDA dying his hair for the MacGyver Mastercard commercial. I decided to use RDA's new look in a fic. It received a lot of positive feedback, but some confused ones as well ;)

Double Trouble: This was written for aurora_novarum for the icon meme that circulated. (And I still have some left.) Based on two icons that poke at the fan theory that Ben Browder and Michael Shanks look alike -- they totally don't btw -- I wrote a fic about an encounter with a culture that did see Daniel and Cam with the same appearance. This fic was a lot of fun for me and is one of my faves for the year despite the controversy it caused over at OS.

Exoneration: Drabble written for the drabble meme. This is a brief look at Daniel's emotions as he deals with Teal'c killing Sha're. I dislike drabbles, but it is one that prefer over many of my others.

Fire in the Sky: Foruth of July drabble with Jack and Teal'c

Games: Teal'c drabble for S9.

Gratitude: Oddly, this is probably my favorite drabble. It's a Jack drabble written for the drabble challenge over at Set during Smoke and Mirrors (one of my fave eps of S6), it explores Jack's thoughts as he is in prison.

Inquiring Minds: Missing scene for Season 10's The Pegasus Project. I wanted to explore some Daniel and Rodney interaction, so I wrote this.

Lessons: I wrote this for The Gateship challenge. I'm one of the few gen people there so I write a friendship drabble. I haven't received feedback on this ficlet, to my knowledge, and it's very short. But it's important to me because it is Sam and Jack friendship, something I don't often see much of.

Letting Go: I wrote this just so that I could have another Sam and Jack friendship piece on my site. That is the only reason I wrote it. I searched for an episode where I could come up with an idea and then wrote this missing scene. Again, not much feedback on this one but I'm extremely proud of it.

Misery Loves Company: Sam and Cam friendship. I had wanted to write something between the two of them that wasn't shippy. This piece came to be. It's short. I like it because it is a more subdued and downhearted Cam wheras I usually wrote him more on the cheerful side.

Observations: Written for the icon meme based on the icon "Monkey see; monkey do" reflecting Jack and Daniel making the same gesture.

Protection: Jack drabble. I wrote it because I missed Jack.

Raincheck: Mitchell drabble. I wrote it because I wanted to explore Cam, but I wasn't ready to write a fic with him.

Redux: I consider this fic gen, but it's crackfic and it totally pokes fun at the show. There is mention of ship and slash, but in a humorous way. Written prior to the S10 episode 200, it was based on previews for the same episode.

Teal'c Fanfic Table: I'm supposed to write 100 Teal'c fics. I wanted to spread the Teal'c love. I think I am only done 6-8. Oops.

Teetering: I wrote this because I wanted some kind of meaningful interaction between Daniel and Sam in the S10 opener Flesh and Blood. It seems to have gone over rather well.

The Scam: Drabble written for daniel100. I poke fun at the coffee fanon. Includes classic team.

Undying: Written for Memorial Day. Jack fic. I think I wrote this for genjackfic if I am not mistaken. Jack remembers the fallen.

Visitation Rights: This was just a light hearted drabble for the drabble meme. Jack and Daniel friendship, but not mushy sap fluff. I think everyone knows how I feel about that.


A Priori: Ship version. Explores Daniel/Janet. This version was solely written for my Dan/Jan friends.

A Thing of Beauty: Sam/Daniel drabble for The Pegasus Project. I loved the two of them as they approached Atlantis.

An Ocean Away: Daniel/Elizabeth. Just some reflections by Elizabeth. Not my fave fic and it's more of poetic experimentation. For those of you who don't know, Daniel/Elizabeth is my secret ship for the fandom. Why? It's so rare and minor. Both characters are on different shows. It will never happen. That gives me the freedom to do what I want and experiment with different writing styles.

Compromises: Sam/Daniel. Light fic. Just a playful Sam and Daniel together talking about their favorite topics. There is absolutely no plot to this, heh. I just seriously wanted to geek out. I love science and history. I wrote it for Jess over at the Sam/Daniel Rebellion.

Heavenly Bodies: Sam/Daniel. It's a drabble for the start of Season 9 when Sam returns.

Imperfections: Sam/Daniel. Pre-ship/UST fic for Sam and Daniel. This is a fic I am very proud of as it explores Sam's doubts in her relatiosnhip with Pete with Daniel as her confidante. Not that he knew he would be at the time. Sam and Daniel go to dinner function and over the course of the evening, Sam opens up to him. I wrote this fic primarily to explore the Sam we saw in S7 and S8 and try to explain her in a way that would humanize her. I wasn't happy with the way the writers' had written her, but I didn't feel that she was a lost character. This was the opportunity to showcase Sam's flaws in her weakest area: her own emotions.

Inside Advances: Cam/Vala. Yeah, I wrote this in spite. I admit it and I'm proud of it ;) I do like them together though. I find Cam and Vala have a ton of chemistry together so I went with it. Post Memento Mori.

Is Fada Liom Uaimi Uaimi: Daniel/Janet. I wrote this for the Dan/Jan ladies. It's sad and reflective and suprisingly through Cam's pov. This is written after Ripple Effect.

One Brief Moment: Sam/Daniel. Written for the icon meme for rowan_d. Sam and Daniel in season 1. One sided UST on Sam's part.

Playing the Right Hand: Sam/Teal'c. Second in my Sam/Teal'c series, post Ripple Effect. Teal'c starts a battle plan on how to court Sam.

Quiet Strength: Daniel/Sha're. This is my attempt to bridge the gap that I perceived between the awesome Sha'uri from Stargate the movie and the less stellar Sha're from the series. It's a missing scene from COTG and the way I feel Sha're should have been portrayed.

The Gift: Daniel/Janet, Sam/Teal'c. Tag for Ripple Effect. It traces Janet's AU team as they head back to their reality.

The Killing Time: Sam/Barrett. Tag for Insiders. This was written for mysticalweather. She is in desperate need of Sam/Barrett so if anyone is writing it, please let her know!

The More Things Change: Cam/Vala. Because I had to write another one. We always need more Cam/Vala fic. Heh heh...It focuses on Cam's thoughts on how the SGC and Vala have impacted his life.

The Naked Truth: Sam/Cam. My fave Cam fic of this year. It's S9 team with Sam/Cam UST. I had a blast writing this. I wrote it for sam_cameron

Unlike the Perfect Package: Sam/Barrett. My first Sam/Barrett fic. Sam compares Malcolm Barrett to all the other men in her life. It's basically a character study. I wrote it for mysticalweather but it's not a ship I am opposed to. I think they would be a nice fit, actually. I received a lot of positive feedback on this one, including a lot of feedback from people who ship Sam/Jack.

Watching You: Sam/Daniel. It's pretty much fluff. I wrote this for surreallis as a pick me up. Sam and Daniel watch a movie. Heh. Yeah, that's so not my usual thing.

What Is Lost : Daniel/Sha're. Written for that icon meme thing for seramercury. Daniel's thoughts as Sha're bids him farewell in FiaD.

While I Wait: Daniel/Elizabeth. I will admit this fic wins for my fave overall fic of the year. I am extremely proud of it. I think it's one of my best attempts at writing romance with a plot. There's no porn. There's nothing major about it. But I am satisfied by the unique idea of having Ascended Daniel visit Elizabeth when she went back in time in the episode Before I Sleep. Feelings start to develop, but you know it can't end well. When I wrote this, I was hit with that creative impulse -- you know the one that you feel right to your core? So not only did I write this fanfic, but it spawned several ideas for original fic since my creativity was running so high. So I thank this fic for getting my motor running :)

(My slash isn't really slash, but it's not gen either. The pieces I label as Jack/Daniel just explore their relationship is a slightly different way, but I like to keep as close to the show as possible.)

Appreciation: Jack/Daniel. No plot to this. I was just in the mood to write something light and I decided on this pairing. As always, nothing I write is porn.

Midas Touch: Jack/Daniel. Just some fun banter and argument between Jack and Daniel with a mythological slant. Again, I just felt like writing something different.

Raindrops: Jack/Daniel. Visual/poetry piece. I do like the way this ficlet flows.

Rewriting the Rules: Pre-slash. Jack/Daniel. Daniel participates in an off-world ritual and finagles Jack into participating with him. Basically, just another banter fic with subtle undertones.


I only have three SGA fics and they are drabbles. Why did I write them? I wanted to do branch out creativity, so I tried SGA.

Compromising the Self: Elizabeth Weir. I wanted to explore the struggle Weir must have been going through over her moral/ethical decisions at the end of Season2 since TPTB decided it wasn't important enough to actual show in detail.

Taking Action: John drabble for The Real World. No real point to it. I just felt like it.

The Smartest Man: Rodney drabble set in Rising. Just Rodney talking to Daniel, or really talking to himself. Written for the drabble meme for autumndandelion


Abandon: John Crichton contemplates his situation. Little ficlet that takes place during Jeremiah. Yes, I did something for Farscape. Why? Again, I needed to do something totally different. I think I needed to prove to myself I could write something other than SG-1 or by extension SGA. I think I needed that validation that I could just plain write. It did give me some confidence and I later started writing my original fic again.


I have written three short stories and several poems. One short story has been published and one poem has been published. One story is still circulating and I have one almost finished. Several others have outlines and plots started, including novels. When (not if because I am stubborn like that) I have more fic published, I will be setting up a site/account for my published works. I'll eventually post a link to my original stuff here but no one is under any obligation to check it out.

And reviewing this list...Um. I think this proves I write WAY too much fanfic. No wonder I can't get my original writing done! Wow. Now, I feel bad. I seriously need to cut back on the amount of fanfic I write. Granted, I did most of this during the first half of the year and many are short fics. But it's still time that could go to my original fic. Fanfic is great for me to break from original fic. When my mind is distracted, I find I can plug up plotholes and the like. So I still will write it. But this is a real eye opener as to one of the reasons I'm being held back in my original fic.
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