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Smallville: Static

Awesome ep!!

I finally got to see Static. Wow. This was a fantastic episode. Mind you, it's not hard to please me on Smallville. It's basically my angst free show where I just watch totally for fun.

I thought Lex was great and I liked the Lexana in this. I thought KK did a good job at Lana. I do like the darker side of Lana.

Jimmy is so cute. I really love his scenes with Chloe and his jealousy of Clark.

Clark's scenes were creepy. I liked it, but they were so serious and powerful it made me sit back, stop, and think just how Clark is changing and maturing. He takes his responsibilities very seriously. And we got to see Clark the investigator!

And the Martian dude! I always forget his name. Oh he was awesome. I loved seeing the Oreo cookies.

Okay and is it just me, or does anyone think that Chloe at the end of the episode wasn't really Chloe? That it was really him? The way she was talking about how even heroes need to be saved and then we see the cookie felt like a big clue to me.

My one complaint is that Clark often seems to have the B story this year. The stories are either about Lex, Lana, or Green Arrow. I always feel like Clark is just secondary. Still, I find this season is more enjoyable than last season. I look forward to each new episode and I feel like the characters are moving forward and not just stagnating.

But yeah. This was great.

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