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A Few Fannish Things (Multi-Fandom)

1. I am offically staying out of the explosion over SGA/SG-1 casting and plot spoilers. I've reached a point where I cannot get involved in those debates anymore if I still want to enjoy myself. I don't even watch SGA anymore. But I want to enjoy SG-1 while it lasts. (It's too bad too because I actually like all the characters. I just like some more than others.)

2. I have not decided yet whether to watch SG-1 now or wait until April. Part of me wants to watch but another part of me wants to wait and continue my SG-1 vacation. And it makes the show last longer. I don't know. So torn. Tooooorn. But I appreciate how awesome you all have been and haven't spoiled me. Thanks *hugs*

3. I am still set on continuing to play in my little happy SG-1 online. You all with me? Or at least some of you? I still want to have fun after the show is gone. We can still write and joke and's fun here on LJ. I need some people to have fun with me since I've sort of left 99% of the fandom behind. (Forums, lists, and groups how I miss you!)I feel like we can make our own fandom filled with sanity...mostly.

4. On a big Smallville kick again. Yes, indeed. I don't really consider myself part of the fandom though. I'm not so into the fandom thing anymore. But it's my angst-free show. It's just fun for me. I'd forgotten what it was like to watch a show just for fun. It's so very nice. I haven't abandoned SG-1 though. I'm just tired of the SG-1 fandom drama. And I'm missing Jack :(

5. I hope to watch some more Farscape soon. I'm getting closer to the end of Season 3. I hear The Choice is next and that it's a good Aeryn-angst episode. I like when CB is angsty.

6. I have some MacGyver to watch. Anyone interested in this newbie's thoughts on that show? I'll be posting my thoughts anyway. I need to get some RDA somehow...

7. In the next couple of months, I may start rewatching SG-1 from the beginning or X-Files. We'll see.

8. I want to watch the first season of Supernatural. But I have been holding off because I have the sneaking suspicion it's exactly like an original fic I have outlined.

9. I will be making more icons. They're stress relief for me, but I'll share if anyone wants them anyway. I'll probably play with Smallville, SG-1, and Farscape.

10. I don't really have a ten, but I look forward to continuing to share fannish thoughts with you all. The last few weeks I've complained mostly about work. I'm hoping to switch gears and have some more fun now. You know, in between writing my original fic :)
Tags: tv: farscape, tv: sg-1/sga discussion/meta, tv: smallville discussion/meta, tv: supernatural discussion/meta, tv: x-files
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