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Smallville: Justice

Here are my thoughts on the latest SV episode.

Okay, this episode was over-hyped a lot. So much. So, unfortunately, it did not live up to the hype for me, but it still was a very good episode.

The Good

*Bart, Cyborg, AC: Characters that I have enjoyed in the past.
*Something for Chloe to do
*More vunerable Lois
*All Lex and Lionel scenes (have I missed you so!)
*No Lana (I don't hate her but...nice break)

The Bad
*Many scenes were forced just to get snappy dialogue
*Rushed feel, like TPTB were trying to fit too much into it.

Overall, it was a good episode. It was nice to see Chloe in this "oracle" type role. If it is true that DC has bought her, I hope they can do something with her along these lines. I want Chloe to live on, but as more time passes, I just don't feel she's a good fit at the DP or as a reporter. I can see her being a researcher, a writer, and helping out her superhero buddies. I really enjoyed her as their go-to gal.

I know there have been some complaints (and valid ones) that Oliver makes Clark look bad since Oliver takes his hero business very seriously. I do see that Oliver takes it too far though, and that loss of the human touch, the heart, is something that Clark brings, ironically, to the team. We already know that Clark does not approve of Ollie's methods and he's the one to absolutely make sure at the end that no one is left in the building before it blows. He's not happy about it, but his main priority are the lives of the people. This is the future Superman. And when Clark matures more I can see him coming to lead the Justice League. I really thought that was a nice touch.

Kudos with continuing to flesh out Lex in ways that show he is evil, but he truly believes he is doing the right thing. This makes him much more interesting as an up and coming villian. I love the way Smallville has handled Lex overall, aside from a few flubs, and I look forward to see him continue down this path. He absolutely shines when he is in scenes with Lionel. We need more of those.

It was also nice to get away from shippy angst in this episode. We had Oliver and Lois, but it was a small part of the story. If it was bigger, it would have hurt the episode. Lana wasn't it in so we didn't have to touch upon that triangle, though I look forward to seeing her next week. I didn't see any Chlark ship at all. I didn't even see any Clois ship, either. I saw Clark being protective of Chloe as usual, and also just wary of why Bart was really there. With Lois, I did see a change with Clark where he was more flustered around Lois. And when he walked in on her and she said she could have been naked, he just smiled. S4 Clark would have acted differently. I liked that Clark obviously felt some proectiveness for Lois as well. He is known to do that with everyone in his life. So while I do sense more changes in Clark in how he relates to Lois, I do not see this as shippy. But it was nice :)

The Oliver and Lois breakup scene was weird for me, though. I don't feel like there was the right build over the season so far to make that break the way they did. There should have been more of Oliver taking off on her or show Lois getting more upset over it. Because it made it feel tacked on in this episode. Granted, we all knew it was coming, but I just thought it was a bit rushed and made Oliver look bad. Maybe it was went to make Oliver look bad. I don't know. My biggest problem is that Clark is seeing how Oliver messed up with Lois. He knows he messed up with Lana. Maybe these lessons are what finally propells him to reveal to Lois way way into the future. You would just think that with everything he sees, he would know better. But it also highlights that Lois would have likely accepted Oliver even after he tricked her. Which makes their breakup even sadder.

But it was nice to have a break from ship, ship, ship and get to some action. Again, not the best episode, but nicely done.

And I cannot wait for next week. Whee!
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