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SG Episodes

So, I didn't go to work tonight. I got there, they heard me, and sent me home.

Not complaining...

I did go ahead and watch some SG-1 tonight though. I've always liked The Fifth Man. And then I watched New Order. I love New Order. Daniel still annoys me in some scenes (as much as it pains me to say so) as does Jack (again it pains me to say so). But Sam and Teal'c were made of awesome.

And I think I am one of the few people that liked Fifth. And Weir was good in these eps.

Ah well. I had to relinquish the TV so I won't be watching Lockdown. It's okay. I've watched enough TV. I should go back to working on original fic. I'm letting the short story I wrote sit for a few days before I go back and edit it, but a writer's job is never done. I need to finish more.

*wishes she was watching The Shroud but is being good and waiting for April*

Again, you're all great with the no spoilers and the cuts :)
Tags: tv: sg-1/sga discussion/meta, writing

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