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Farscape S3: Fractures

I popped in the next episode that I needed to watch.

Great episode. Okay, I could have done without the puppets banging each other, but I just pretend that never happened.

While I enjoyed The Choice, I do feel like this was a far better episode and the perfect follow-up. The premise wasn't so great, but the character interactions were interesting.

I don't have much to say except for whatever reason, I loved Crais in this episode. John and D'Argo continue to make me smile and the cool distance between John and Aeryn was well played.

I have to say that I do believe this show really did need the threat of Scorpius to work. While I liked episodes on and off during S1, the show never really grabbed me. And I hate the crack episodes with undying passion.

One of the problems I had with this show initially was Crais. Crais never really worked as a full out main villian for me. He works so much better as this gray area character, a person who is self-serving but will do the right thing when necessary but will quickly resort back to betrayal and underhandedness when he can. Scorpius, while not a black and white villian either, just exudes that type of urgent threat that was lacking with Crais. And this is why I've enjoyed most of S2 and S3, and why I feel the end of S1 worked better. I still don't see this show as the greatest show that hit television, but it's enjoyable. And it's angst free for me since I'm watching after the show has ended.

I'll see what I think come the next episode. I don't have much of S3 left to go.

*sigh* I am in cleaning mode so I guess I should get back to that. I am tossing soooo much stuff. And I want to get rid of a ton of stuff too. Maybe I'll figure out how ebay works and put some fannish stuff up there and then if I have other stuff that people want, I might just announce it here and give it away. We'll see. I have tons of crap.
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