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And welcome!

I just want to say welcome to the new people on my flist. I tend to jump back and forth between fannish talk and just regular life whining. My main topics always seem to revolve around SG-1 or writing in general. So if you want to see me chat it up, those are usually sure fire ways to have me go off ;)

Just like in my user info, I love all the characters. Some more than others, naturally. I'm a gen girl, but play in different ships in the fandom. And I'm open to people who ship pairings that don't do it for me.

I also tend to talk about Smallville and Farscape. I'm just getting in MacGyver. Star Wars will always be my first love. And there are various other things I enjoy but it would take me forever and a day to list them.

I also went through my flist and realized I hadn't friended some people that had friended me long ago. So I added you on. If I didn't add you, it's just because I didn't see any recent activity on your journal or I might have missed you.

Again, welcome. And if you're looking for more fans/friends for Stargate (and other fandoms) check out the Stargate Friending Meme going around :)
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