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Farscape: I Yensch, You Yensch through Dog With Two Bones

I finished off S3 this morning since I was up early anyway. So here are my thoughts.

I Yensch, You Yensch
Eh, not such a great episode. The scene near the end with John and Aeryn was well done. And I admit that Rygel and Scorpius had some fantastic moments together. But, I wasn't really sold on the cook insurance scam. The blue aliens were really, really annoying. And I felt that they focused too much on the cook and his girlfriend. It was definitely a filler episode. Not a total waste, but still...

Can someone tell me when Chiana started getting visions? I've been trying to remember and it's been bugging me.

Into the Lion's Den: Lambs to a Slaughter and Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Now this episode I loved. I seem to tend toward the more epic/plotty episodes in Farscape. Which this shouldn't be surpising since I am a plotty type of person. Though, I don't like plot for just the sake of plot. I'm big on balancing character and plot as I feel the two should go hand in hand. And what better way to show character development and character flaw than through plot? Plus, I'm a sucker for politics.

With the arc of John vs Scorpius being my fave, I enjoyed the interplay between the two. And I like how it entered this gray area. Scorpius, imo, wants the technology for valid reasons. While it is driven by revenge, it is also driven by a desire to keep the Peacekeeper civilization intact. John, on the other hand, also has valid reasons aside from revenge in why he doesn't want to share the technology. It's a matter of picking the lesser of two evils.

Though honestly, I felt like this two-parter really allowed Crais to finally shine. It's too bad that it was short-lived. Nice touch that Crais didn't buy into that lady that was sent to spy on him. I usually can see through plots and whine about predictibility, even on this show, but I found the plot and the acting convincing enough in this episode that I was willing to buy that Crais had betrayed them and that he had been snowed by that woman.

But I finally start to like the guy and they kill him. Boo. (Though, that is always the best time to off a character, imo.)

I also liked the interplay between Aeryn and that old friend of hers. I didn't expect her to go out in a blaze of glory...or not *cough* But this difference between them was striking and it really showed how much Aeryn had changed since the beginning of the series.

And Harvey? OMG, I loved Harvey here.

Scorpius bringing out the Earth trump card was a bit of surprise, but a nice twist to make things worse for John. And the build to the end and the parting of John and Scorpius was well played. I liked the imagery at the end with John and Aeryn sitting in silence as he continued on with his wormhole musings.

Dog With Two Bones

After coming off the two-parter, this episode didn't have the same spark for me. My first thought was like, who the heck is this old woman??? But I was glad that is what everyone else was thinking during the episode, too.

I didn't like her. She seemed to convenient. She served the plot and she showed up for this episode to serve that purpose. The splicing between John's fantasy and the reality was a bit heavy-handed and bored me. As a writer, I understand completely what was trying to be done here. And I understand the tale of the dog with two bones. But it was a little too off center and didn't really work for me as a whole. The theme was an important one, but I just think there was a better way to work it.

I liked the sadness associated with everyone parting ways. It's inevitable, but most of the episode did capture the tone of it. And I liked the Talyn funeral bit.

I knew that Aeryn got preggers at some point, but I was surprised it was revealed in the S3 finale. But I guess it was the best place for it, because otherwise I found the finale would have been a major let down after such a powerful two-parter. So while it was a good episode and I cried--I always cry for this show -- I enjoyed Into the Lion's Den much more. But that's how I am.
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