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Smallville S6: Freak

Wow, so not only can TW direct, so can MR.

I was very very very very anxious about this episode and didn't expect much. Meteor freaks? Meh. Chloe a possible freak? Meh. Lana and Clark? Meh.

But this turned out to be one of the most fantastic SV eps I've seen. MR did a bang up job on directing it. I so hope we get more from him in the future. The music was perfect for this episode.

I was really annoyed when I heard the spoiler Chloe might be a freak. Chloe is one of my fave characters and while I've been annoyed with her in the early part of S6, she's been great again during the second half. So my Chloe love is back. (And yes, I can love Chloe and still love the Clark and Lois ship all the way.) But it turned out that it was acted and played out well, and we ended up with Clark honing his heat vision into more of the ray type effect we know from the comics and the movies. Awesomeness!!! And the emotional impact of this episode was amazing. Just amazing. I think every single episode I've seen this half of the season has been spectacular. From Hydro through Freak it's just been Smallville at its best.

I'm still on a SV high. We had Jimmy almost crying because Chloe went missing. We had Clark caring and so very mature. I am *loving* the maturing Clark. He is so becoming Superman. Lex being his evil self. Lex, oh Lex. Beautiful evil Lex!

And OMG, I like Lana. Her quest to protect Clark and also to find out who he is? Excellent. It's amazing. I've been loving her this second half of the season too. I love them all. Is the end of the world coming or something?

Back to Chloe...I'm still not sure she is a freak. I think this is a ploy for something coming later down the line which I won't say for those unspoiled. But if she is latent, I see this as a way for DC to use her character in the comics. So SV can keep Chloe "normal" while giving DC the opportunity to make Chloe into something else later if they want to. And Chloe might never become a freak. But I see this as a way for TPTB to keep the door open on that.

Kudos to everyone for making this another fine episode in a string of wonderful eps.

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