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Supernatural: Pilot

Okay, it was pretty decent. But I can't shake this really strong sense of deja vu when I watched it. Now, it could be my rabid X-Files days coming back to haunt me (especially since I believe some old XF people work on this show) or it could be my natural tendency toward the occult. As a child and a teen I read voraciously into the occult since I adore supernatural type stories -- which influences my writing -- so I'm left scratching my head after watching the pilot. And to think, I purposefully prevented myself from writing stories like these because I didn't want to copy XF. Silly me.

For those of you who don't like this show, please turn away. No worries. I haven't abandoned anything else. Honestly, the only reason why I've put off watching this show is because I like to be contrary.

Really, it wasn't bad. Ackles and Paladeki (sp?) have really good chemistry. I can see brothers acting this way. Heck, I can see siblings period acting this way. There have been times when my bro and I have acted that way. I can only imagine how much worse it can be between two boys.

I think it's kind of sad that I knew exactly what they were talking about. I think I might have gone a little too gung-ho reading all those ghost and monster books when I was a kid. But I'm a big myth fan and there's nothing better than sitting down with American urban legends. Everyone knows about the woman in white. I still remember her being featured on Unsolved Mysteries ;) Man, I loved that show...

So...don't have too much to say except that it's basically what i expected when I first saw it advertised on billboards before its premier. I was afraid this show would be a ripoff of my beloved X-Files, but it's not from what I can see. X-Files was mostly about conspiracies. Many XF cases had to do with the supernatural, but many more dealt with are there/aren't there aliens and mutant monsters or creatures not yet discovered by science (like parasites that take over your body, etc). So XF was based more in science. This show is more about the occult. So I like that.

I figure I'll enjoy the show unless it takes a stupid turn somewhere. But so far, the pilot was enjoyable and reminded me of all those days I sat mesmerized watching Unsolved Mysteries and reading my monster books. We'll see if the series continues to hold me.
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