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Supernatural: Wendigo through Bugs

Okay, so I am enjoying the show. I was pretty sure I would given my X-Files past.

I like them. The actors have great chemistry together and I buy that they are brothers. And I'm fond of all the talk of their father. As a gal who loves family myself, I enjoy how the central theme is about family. I can relate to it and it's refreshing.

So which brother do I like more? That's a tough call. I'm already predisposed toward Dean because I first met the actor through Smallville when he played Jason Teague. And that man does have amazing eyes. And he's funny and seriously messed up. At the same time, I really like Sam. He's very angsty and smart. I've always liked the angsty smart characters on shows. So it's a tough call for sure. I think I'm happiest when Sam is angsty and Dean is whumped. The thought of that combo just makes me smile for reason.

Or it could be because the first episode (or at least last 20 minutes) I ever saw was In My Time of Dying. So...I've got a bias from the very start.

Anyway, the eps were good. Some more than others and it's hard for me not to pass judgment because many of these plots have been done before. (Bugs reminds me of X-Files Darkness Falls, but I found the XF version much creepier.) But the show does make me chuckle because I see it as more of "the poor man's X-Files." it's not like they have the funds to do their gig like Mulder and Scully had. And with the X-Files, the occult was just a part of the story, usually their stand alone eps. With Supernatural, it really is the basis. So it's cool.

So I've had some fun with it. I'm sure I'll continue to enjoy the show when I watch more.

However, that's enough for me for now. I'm going to switch gears and jump to one of my other shows and save some of this one for later. I have 2 eps of SG-1 left *sniff* and then there's always Farscape and MacGyver. We'll see which part of my brain wins out first ;)
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