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Another Fic Meme

Snatched from kellifer_fic

Post a list of your top five fics favorite you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most. Then tag five other people to do the same.

They're all going to be SG-1 (since that is what I do the most) and gen (because I'm not so great at the ship/slash thing). Listed in order with #1 being my most loved fic.

1. Echoes of Autumn: Jack awakens to find himself ten years into the future, but with no memory from the past decade. Alone and deemed clinically insane, Jack must work to figure out how to change the mistakes of the past, and bring back together the friends he once knew. PG-13. Novel. Angst/Drama/Mystery. Season 8.

Yeah, go figure, right? ;) Seriously, while it's probably not my best written (we tend to get better as we practice more), the content on this one still remains, imo, my best, my proudest, and what I LOVE the most. Just about everything has a double meaning, hidden symbolism, and power to convey the meaning behind this story. Plus, I wrote this as I was grieving for my grandfather who passed away just as I was starting the fic. So the angst really is tied to my own. Incidentally, this is the fic I would have chosen for my Pimp Your Fic! meme that I posted a few days ago.

2. It's All About Technique: Teal'c learns that simplicity can hold a new kind of freedom. Season Two. Rating: PG. Completed October 2005

This is a special fic for me. Imo, it's my best Teal'c-centric fic ever. But it's not just Teal'c. It has the sweet friendship I always see between Teal'c and Sam, the banter I enjoy between Jack and Daniel, and the team off together, relieving the stresses of their job in a relaxing way -- by showing Teal'c Earth culture. and while humorous, it also displays a strong message about freedom and friendship.

3. Double Trouble: Some confusion lands Daniel and Cameron into hot water. Daniel and Cameron friendship, S9 Team. Rating: PG

Another one written for aurora_novarum and also aizjanika. I have a particular fondness for this fic for several reasons. First, I have a really hard time "getting" Daniel and Cameron on the show. Their the only relationship that seems lacking to me. So, for me to write a fic that centers on the two of them (with the rest of the team) was a major accomplishment for me. Also, I feel like I captured Daniel's personality fairly well in this fic. Later season Daniel is more impatient, but he still maintains his personality in many ways. In this fic, I got to explore linguist!Daniel again, but not in a super all knowing kind of way. To showcase Daniel -- and SG-1 -- out of their element was fun. Snark is fun. and third, it's a gen team fic that is short. Short! Go me.

4. Deranged: While Jack and Teal'c are offered a tour of an off-world city, Sam and Daniel must find a different way to amuse themselves. Short Story/Season 7. PG

I wrote this for aurora_novarum for her birthday. It started off as just some random idea and then it grew into a sweet friendship fic that highlights what I love about Daniel and Sam -- their ability to take their different types of experiences, behaviors, perosnality, and knowledge and apply to a problem as one. I do love their brilliant insanity. It's just so much fun.

5. By Her Judgment: After encountering a matriarchal society, Sam takes command of SG-1 to ensure friendly negotiations. However, Sam's skills as a soldier, a scientist, and a friend are pushed to their limits when SG-1 falls victim to the society's biases and instability.Season Five Gen Fic. Team fic. Novella. Drama, Angst, A/A. Spoilers through Season 5. Rating: Teen. Completed: August 2006.

Not a perfect fic, but I do have a place in heart for it. it was written for the samcarterfic for kellifer_fic. Sam is shipped with people so much in the fandom(I'm guilty of it too) that I find it hard to find gen fic that really has. Well, at least in the numbers that we find fic for Sam/anyone. So to write a team fic that was Sam-centric, without ship, and was still able to showcase the team, was a real treat. I *think* I captured a range of emotion for Sam here: her relationships with Teal'c, Daniel, and Jack and original characters. Sam's strong here, but with underlying insecurities that helps flesh her out. It's a slightly different twist on an old cliche, but I'm pleased with it nonetheless.


I had a couple of runners up, mainly The Naked Truth: and Russian Roulette. The former is just a funny S9 team fic with Cameron POV and some Sam/Cam UST that was a blast to write. It just didn't have enough to make my top five. And the later is another team fic (with Janet) and can be read as gen or with some slight Daniel/Janet UST. It is probably my best A/A fic I've ever written with the classic team with Janet along for the ride. I actually am very very proud of how this fic came out. It's messy and is not all sunshine and roses. I almost put this down as my 5th favorite here; it was a tough call. I think it's better written than By Her Judgment, but it's a much darker fic. Maybe if I did this a different day, I would have reversed them.

I have noticed something. By Her Judgment and Russian Roulette both have female characters in strong roles, yet they are probably two of my least popular fics. I wonder if that is true of just me or if other people have found the same with their fics.


So that's that. That was fun. It was nice to have that good ol'stroll down memory lane.

Oh, and for those of you who took part in the Pimp Your Fic meme: I have started reading the fics, but my internet is really wonky with the weather right now. I'm getting kicked on and offline. But I am reading them as I can.

There will also be a delay with the Sam/Daniel fic I was going to post because internet is too slow for me to load it off to my betas.

*growls at internet*

Guess this is a sign for me to do something more productive LOL
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