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SPN: Episodes Home through Faith

For those of you on my flist who don't like this how, look away! *shoos*


I admit, I'm surprised an episode like this came up so quickly. I wouldn't expect them to go back Home so soon, but with TV you never know when you're going to get canceled so...

It reminded me of Poltergeist. It just had that vibe throughout. So, it's kind of a classic ghost type story. But what sold it for me was just how much it hurt the brothers to be there. They wanted to know, but at the same time didn't want to be there. And here we start getting more detail into Sam's visions.

It was good. Solid episode. And I have this strange obsession with John Winchester. So it worked for me. And the interaction between the psychic lady and Dean? Perfect.


This...didn't work for me as much as I thought it would. I love crazy people episodes in any show that I watch. And let me tell you whever they filmed this episode was just so darn creepy. Loved that aspect of it. Maybe I just had set my expectations too high. It was a great episode, but I don't know. I haven't really put my finger on what was lacking for me yet. But Dean got beat up so...there's at least that ;)


Eh...again not a bad episode but it didn't really grab me like the first few episodes of the season that I watched. I both liked and disliked the brothers separated. It created necessary tension, but at the same time the actors have a lot of chemistry and that really helps hold up the show. So when they are apart, it's good, but just not as good. And I was already spoiled for Meg, so that was not much of a surprise. Decent episode though. Creepy that the girl's own aunt and uncle would sacrifice.


Yes. YES. It's not going to be any secret that I have this thing for Dean-in-peril. Fir whatever reason, for this show, I am more about Dean than Sam which is unusual. I usually like the Sam type. But how much better does it get when you have Dean dying, Sam worried, and that tension between faith/skepticism in a religious context? That is perfect for me.

Great episode. I need to watch it again. Yay!

All were awesome. Tall Tales was fun and I suspect it was done this way to balance out the tension from Born Under a Bad Sign which I haven't seen yet. It reminded me of X-Files Bad Blood and Jose Chung's From Outer Space. The Usual Suspects surprised me with continuity, but was predictable, and Playthings was cool in the classic kind of way. The gay jokes were a little over done, but it was still a good episode. And I had some shallow moments in it too :)

I think I like it because it's been so long since I've been able to watch something atmospheric. X-Files was such a great show for atmosphere and suspense. I find this show does a great job with that as well without becoming an X-Files ripoff. It's nice to have something like that to watch again :)
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