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SPN: Route 666 through Devil's Trap (S1 Finale)

And I'm done! What a ride!

Okay, I thought I'd updated with the eps I watched last week, but I guess I didn't.

Route 666

This was an okay episode. Nice to see Dean had a real romance in his life and how he can never have a normal life due to his circumstances, but the episode didn't do a whole lot for me. It wasn't bad, but nothing really to write home about.


This one wasn't too bad. We get to know more and more that things aren't normal with Sam. I like how they don't have the brothers all nonchalant about it. It's freaking Sam out and it's obviously freakign Dean out, but Dean bottles it up because he's the big brother and has to look like he's in control. Boy, do I know what that is like.

The Benders

Probably my favorite episode of the season. This one was gruesome and it was very very creepy. Why? Because it involved real people. When evil deeds are done by people and you can't find any kind of explanation why they would do it, it really hits home that people can be that horrible. And it's not something that we really like to face -- that dark side of humanity. That is why we have so many urban legends. We have to find ways to explain why people can be so bad. So this episode totally wins for being the creepiest.


Kudos for not making the brothers dumb in this episode. Sam knew right away that something was wrong with Meg when they crossed paths again. It was a good episode and yay for John Winchester! I love him so much. It's very unhealthy. But it was adecent episode and it was interesting to see the Winchesters interactions. But then he left again because, well, it's not the finale yet.

Hell House

This was a fun one. I really like the idea that the belief in something is what makes it real. That worked well for this episode. The "ghosthunters" was a nice touch, though I thought the whole pot thing was overdone. But the practical jokes? Priceless.


This was good.I didn't think I would like this one, but it worked well. And the psycho being the kid? That was nice. Sam's lady friend really didn't annoy me. It was a good story. Loved when Sam fraked when he saw the painting after he and Dean had destroyed it.

Dead Man's Blood

This could have been netter than it was. I was all happy that John Winchester was back, but at the same time the vampire storyline really bored me.


Excellent episode. Indeed. Can I say how much I loved the recap at the beginning. The classic rock songs they use on this show rocks! I need the songs! *wants* But back to the story...great way to kick off the finale. The best way to have a great drama is to complicate the characters' lives as much as possible. The Demon. A family that Sam knows will be torn apart. Meg. The decisions that John and the brothers have to make. It all swelled to a point where I was majorly impressed with how it came together. I didn't even expect the baby's crib to go up into flames like that. But it was all very awesome.

Devil's Trap

Nice way to end the finale. Again, lovely little opening with the classic rock. I think I liked Salvation better than this one, at least the beginning. I found myself getting impatient for them just to get to the point, find their dad, and have their showdown. Major, major foreshadowing done throughout this episode and the one before it (since I've seen the last 20 minutes of the S2 premier, I know). I enjoyed that aspect of it. You could just feel that they were setting things up.

But the showdown between Sam, Dean, and The Demon (in their dad)? That was intense. I liked how Dean was picked apart in this episode, how The Demon fed on his insecutities and tried to break him down. I can relate to Dean a lot -- he wears the brave face and he feels its his duty to hold everything together but really, if he lost his family he would be lost. He can barely hold on, and this is what keeps him focused. The Demon preyed on that. We also finally know The Demon has big plans for the children he goes after. And then to have John Winchester be the one to hurt his sons? Ouch.

Unfortunately, I was spoiled for the very end of this episode. It was hard to avoid that since last May it was all over the internet and having sene part of Season 2, it didn't really matter. But it was filmed well. It reminded me of the pilot of SV when Lex Luthor hit CLark kent with his car and they both went over the bridge. It was so sudden and shocking. The semi hitting the Impala had that same punch.

All in all, a very satisying finale. I enjoyed watching S1 of SPN. My SPN squee is not as strong as when I started, as I have calmed down a bit and settled into the show, but it's still a very good show and I intend to watch more in the future.

Definitely viewed best late at night with the lights off ;)
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