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Tonight's SV and SPN

And tonight was the night for boring TV.

To be fair, I only saw the last 15 minutes of this one. I have it taped, but I haven't watched it. But from what I saw, I was totally unimpressed. And I love episodes that have Lois in them. But this episode? I don't know. Maybe the stuff that led up to the fight scene was better. The best scene I saw was the no killing scene between Clark and Martha.

Eh...I was bored for the majority of this episode. Predictible and drab. Werewolves are my fave! They just didn't do it justice. But, hey, we got a cameo of Teryl Rotherly as Janet Fras--I mean as random medical person. The only good part of this episode was the emotion at the end and the choice of music. Silent Lucidity is one of my all time fave songs.

I dunno...not too impressed with my shows lately. At least SV and SPN had redeeming endings.
Tags: tv: smallville discussion/meta, tv: supernatural discussion/meta
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