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Farscape: Starburst 4.1

Okay, so I've been watching episodes over the past couple of weeks and I've now finished off the first Starburst edition for S4.

Crichton Kicks

Honestly, I can't say that I was impressed with this episode. I didn't really get what was going on and Chiana annoyed me through the ep. The new character seemed okay and it was weird to see a different Pilot and Leviathan. I think the only thing that really stood out for me in this episode was DRD 1812 and John "composing" the formula for wormholes. I really, really like science!John so it was a nice treat. Plus, I like the parallel between music and science/math.

What Was Lost Part 1: Sacrifice

You would think the prospect of history and excavation would excite me. But again, this episode didn't do much for me. It wasn't bad by any means. Yay for D'Argo being back. D'Argo and John had some nice moments. Though, Grandma is really really really annoying me. I sort of figured this is where we'd start to see Jool exit. Sad, but not so broken up about it. All in all it was okay, but big NO to Grayza. I liked her in S3 but this whole sweat gland/seductive breast thing is dumb.

What Was Lost Part 2: Resurrection

Okay episode. I found myself enjoying this one a little bit more than Part 1. Still icky breasts. Scorpius kicks the bucket. Jool and D'Argo have a moment. Some intersting bit between Earth (Egyptian hieroglyph makes a guest appearance) and the other two races. I suspect we'll get back to that. But really not much to write home about.

Lava's a Many Splendered Thing

Not too bad an episode. I enjoyed it well enough. It was a bit fun at times, but again with Grandma...and all the puke? Yuck. At least it served the plot creatively. That is all I can say about that. But I was probably more relieved than the crew when they received the transmition from Moya and Pilot. Maybe we can get back to some more interesting stories?


Much better. Moya. Pilot. The whole crew. Scorpius is back. Aeryn. It had a decent plot plus the emotional connection I enjoy. Harvey's death was hard to take *sniff* but I loved Scorpius' line about how he had helped Aeryn while the neural clone had killed her. Kind of twisted, but true. Seeing that the John and Scorpius interaction has got to be my favorite part of the plot since Scorpius was introduced, this was nice to see. I could have done without the Scorpisized Aeryn, but that's fine. The on and off again bit with John and Aeryn is getting a little annoying again, but at least it's handled in a way where I can buy it.

Natural Election

Also a good episode. Plant that eats Leviathan skin. Okay, so they've sort of already done variations on this before, but it didn't bother me much. We had the crew still together and John and Aeryn doing their dance arounf things and the some great lines from D'Argo. And Scorpius never failed to be interesting. Not too much really going on here, but I'm glad they finally explained how Aeryn could be carrying another man's child other than Crichton. Nice bit at the end where John pushes Aeryn away. Sort of a reversal from before when it seeme d like the opposite was going on. So I enjoyed that. It was also this episode I realized that I enjoy this show much more with the core cast together and that it reeally felt lacking with those episodes that didn't have Claudia Black in them.

John Quixote

I figured pretty early on that Chiana and John were probably still in the game. But they did leave enough room that there could be some doubt. This is probably one of the first over the top humor episodes that I didn't mind too much. But that might be because I love Zhaan so much. I miss her a great deal. So when I saw the not!Zhaan I had a good laugh until the breast milk part. Then I wasn't so amused anymore. But when most of the silliness died down and things got more dramatic, I started to enjoy it again. And then major payoff at the end with Zhaan. Oh Zhaan! But I still don't quite get what was going on with the Stark aspect. I just know that Ben Browder has one twisted mind.

So, now it's on to 4.2...
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