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SG-1 S6: Prophecy

I actually really enjoyed this episode.

I'm not overly fond of Jonas. Not because he came in as a "replacement" for Daniel's role, but mainly because I can't stand that goofy smile of his and that he was poorly written most of the time. I'm also not very fond of Corin Nemec's acting style on the show. It's just that I found Jonas too convenient with all his abilities, like with his speed of acquiring knowledge. When he wasn't imitating Daniel and allowed to be his own character, he was quite good.

It was said within the episode that he shouldn't need to proove himself. That he was valuable just as himself. I wish the writers had realized that earlier.

That being said, this episode was a good one for Jonas. We saw his continuing need to prove himself and seek approval from the SGC. I've always been fascinated with storyines that go into predetermination versus a range of probabilities, so that was a lot of fun. And Jonas didn't smile in this episode much at all and that was a huge BONUS.

His scenes with Sam were fantastic. I really enjoyed the interactions they had. And I had a total geek out moment when Sam was talking about physics to Jonas. I love science!Sam.

Confused, though. Just a couple episodes back in Memento, Jack had this indifferent, almost cold attitude toward Jonas. I wrote about it because it surprised me that Jack would still act that way toward Jonas. He'd been on the team for almost a year. That kind of attitude at the beginning of the season made sense, but in Memento it didn't. Then again, for the entire season I never really saw Jack give much attention to Jonas aside just seeing him as teammate. And to be fair, Jack's coldness in Memento stemmed from a naquadria conversation and I don't think that topic is high on Jack's list, given how he feels about the Kelownan people. I saw his anger at Jonas start to change in Shadow Play, the episode I view as the point where Jack stops seeing Jonas as a representation of everything bad that happened in Meridian and instead focuses that anger on the Kelownan people themselves. I see that Jack stopped seeing Jonas as a Kelownan there and more of an ally, part of the SGC.

But I guess it took until Prophecy for Jack to warm up to him, as Sam said. Jack is not one to really open up to people. He's never opened up to Jonas. But at least in Prophecy I see him taking the steps of seeing Jonas as more than just a coworker on his team. That was a nice touch since Jack does not trust people easily. He didn't like Daniel until he proved himself worthy in the movie. It even took him a while to open up to Sam. (Teal'c is different -- maybe because Jack and Teal'c had so much in common Jack could just read him right away.) So, I guess the fact it took him all season to finally start to like Jonas is very much in character for him. In that context, maybe Memento makes sense. It's just too little, too late ;)

Janet was fantastic in this episode. I really really liked the touch that she wasn't the surgeon. Sometimes SG-1 forgets that their important characters don't have to be an expert in everything, so I appreciated that there was another doctor that was running the surgery on Jonas. I really do wish we could have seen more interaction between Janet and other medical staff throughout the series.

Teal'c was steady throughout the episode and I loved his ever-present stableness. He didn't have much to do, but Jack and Teal'c scenes are always great. He mostly played Jaffa/Goa'uld exposition boy, though.

Loved the scene when in the vision they were all getting shot. Bye Pierce. Bye Teal'c. (But dude, why did you stand up?) And then Jack, alone, zatting away as the Jaffa closed in on him. You knew that didn't end well.

I miss Hammond. I heart Hammond. And that "vision" where he is hurt and gets blown away? Aw. I need...Hammond fic or something.

And I really loved the ending. Jack finally acknowledging Jonas. And especially, that nice moment between Sam and Jonas where they discuss the questions about foretelling the future. His visions were not set in stone, yet there was the contridiction that the world's prophecy had been fulfilled. And that paradox was never answered which makes it great :)

So all in all, I was satisifed with this episode. Yay!

And now, I have completed my viewing of S6. Sure took me long enough *growls at self* I only have one episode left that I have purposefully been ignoring *sigh* I need to watch S4 Prodigy. I heard the Jack and Teal'c parts were awesome. But ugh, Hailey. I need to be strong.
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