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X-Files Movie a reality (or not) and where's the Daniel love?

So, lately there has been some rumblings over the next X-Files movie by David Duchovny. Now, DD has done this repeatedly in the past and nothing ever comes out of it. But he's at it again and seems to be confident that the next X-Files movie may just be around the corner.

But this time he's not alone in his assertion. Gillian Anderson has also chimed in and believes that this time it could become a reality.

News on both DD and GA can be found here: X-Files rumblings

As for SG-1, it's no secret I have much love for all the characters. Well, mainly the original cast, though I enjoy the new cast, too. Just a preference of mine. But lately, man, I've encountered much Daniel hate. Mind you, in the past, I've encountered Sam hate and Jack hate and hate for other characters, but lately I've seen much love for them. But where's the Daniel love? *hugs him* I feel very alone in my Daniel love.
Tags: tv: sg-1/sga discussion/meta, tv: x-files

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