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Creativity sparks

Just when I need to read French Sociology *sigh*

Anyway, I thought I would post my very first wallpaper! Yes! I made one! Now, whenever I get the Star Wars DVDs...

I guess I should go and read this guy. I can't even remember his name. He is that exciting. But if you like the wallpaper, feel free to take it. I made it for fun and just to prove to myself I could. Later, when I have more time. (Time? What is time?) I will make some more difficult ones that are episode or character related. But not bad for a first try, I say.

If for some reason, I did this wrong and it doesn't come out as a 800 x600 let me know. I am terrible at posting these things. Hopefully, I will do 1024 x768 soon.
Tags: fanart: stargate
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