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The Quest Pt 2 and The Return

So, Stargate's back.

Ha! Hosted by CJ and MS. That was cool. And it actually suits their characters to be the ones to do it. I had total geekout moments when they had those little data files.

Did you see that they left off Jonas Quinn for the members of SG-1? That was kind of sad. I might not be Jonas' biggest fan, but ouch.

It was a nice special. I'm a huge myth fan so yay! I missed the science one that AT hosted, though. I'd like to see that one some day.

Yay! It was good. I really loved it. Continuity! It exists!

I didn't mind Adria in this one. She really came off as a spoiled brat. I can buy that then some of her bland performances prior to this episode.

Loved the naming of the dragon part. Hee.

I'm a big fan of the Ascended storyline so it was nice to see that touched upon. Cam and Vala were great in this. I wish we could have had more Sam interact with someone aside from Baal, but they had some great scenes.

I am always amused at how Daniel was never "Gou'alded" but the writers mess with him in similar ways through different methods. Tonight was one of those episodes. I was fond of watching him start to deteriorate. The man can be such an idiot sometimes for being such a smarty. *loves Daniel*

I looooved the parallels between what happened to Jack and what happened to Daniel. I looved the Merlin and Daniel parallels and the Ascension talk.

*already has plot bunnies swimming in my head*

Daniel kept rationalizing things when we all knew it was bull. Knowledge in your brain bad. Cam called him on it too. Go Cam!

Loved Sam punching Ba'al in the nose. Heh. Go Sam.

And Teal'c rocks. Puff.

And what is even better is that it doesn't actually conflict with my story A Priori. Yes, I am that selfish. I never really go into just what might be locked in Daniel's head in that fic, so...yay for me not quite breaking canon.

/end selfish moment

Best line? (Paraphrased): Jack gets healing powers; I get telekenesis. Bwah!

Only thing is that I couldn't hear the end of this episode because my dad talks really loud. He was talking to my mom and I couldnt hear a thing. I'll have to watch it again.

Poor me.


Anyway, it was awesome. Very teamy with a Daniel slant. We need more teamy episode with any character slant to them. And just plain team!

Lookign forward to whatever happens next week.

I admit I didn't pay attention to most of this episode. It wasn't bad or anything, but bro and I sort of MST3K'ed it. Both SG-1 and SGA tend to be very very predictible, so we already knew well in advance what was going to happen.

Some funny lines. Nice to see the whole cast together. But still didn't win me over. Darnit.

But....JACK!! *loves* I love Jack. So nice to see him. But wow. RDA, rusty much? Not your best performance, man. Quite cringeworthy at times, in fact. And he was kind of mean. But this is Jack. Really, Jack is extremely biased against anyone who is not SG-1 so it's in character for him. Jack's basically the grumpy old man that puts all his trust in SG-1 and in different old teammates/friends for certain issues. For tech issues, that would be Sam. Made sense to me he kept griping about the lack of Sam, whether you see it as shippy or not.

Had to laugh at the whales preview. Bro and I bust a gut.

So was Jack trapped on Atlantis while SG-1 was battled the dragon? Does anyone know?

Yes, I watched this episode basically for Jack. And Woolsey because he rocks. I''m probably not watching next week, but my best to the fans who do. :)
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