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SG-1 Master GEN List

The following is a list of stories I have written for the SG-1 fandom. Some fics are too long to be posted on LJ and therefore lead directly to my site. Fic is divided into categories: Novels/Novellas, Short stories/Missing Scences/Ficlets, Series, Drabbles, and Teal'c Fic Table. Ship and Slash on separate lists.

SG-1 Gen

Novels and Novellas

Echoes of Autumn: Jack awakens to find himself ten years into the future, but with no memory from the past decade. Alone and deemed clinically insane, Jack must work to figure out how to change the mistakes of the past, and bring back together the friends he once knew. S8. Novel. Angst/Mystery. Action/Adventure. Jack, Jack and Daniel friendship, Team. PG-13.

*Winner of the 2005 Stargate Fan Awards for: Best Novel - Jack, Best Angst - Jack, Best Drama - Jack. Third Place Winner in the 2005 Jack Awards

A Priori: As Doomsday talk increases across the galaxy, the SGC must band together with the Tok'ra, the Jaffa, the Asgard and other allies to stop a new threat from the Ori, while battling mistrust and treason within their own organization. S9, after Crusade. Epic Novel. Angst/Drama. Action/Adventure. SGA spoilers. S9 team w/classic team. PG-13

Duality: The Voice of Ra: On P9R-139, SG-11 and SG-17 make startling discoveries into the mysteries of the cult of Thoth only to have it cut short by a surprise invasion by Anubis. When SG-1, SG-19, and SG-13 come in to help with the evacuation, and lead the scientists back through the Gate, they quickly learn they might have brought back more than just knowledge concerning Thoth and may be unable to undo the transformation that has already begun. S7, after Death Knell. Novel. Angst/Drama. Action/Adventure. Team, Daniel-centric. PG-13

By her Judgment: After encountering a matriarchal society, Sam takes command of SG-1 to ensure friendly negotiations. However, Sam's skills as a soldier, a scientist, and a friend are pushed to their limits when SG-1 falls victim to the society's biases and instability. S5. Novella. Angst/Drama. Action/Adventure. Team, Sam-centric. PG-13.

Frequency: When an off-world recon mission goes wrong, Jack and Daniel find themselves separated from the team while lost on an alien landscape with one of their own succumbing to an inexplicable attraction to the strange alien life that surrounds them. It's a race against time as they search for Sam and Teal'c, fight against their alien pursuers, and try to unlock the truth over Daniel deteriorating condition before they are all lost to the secrets of the planet. S3, after Legacy. Novella. Angst/Drama. Action/Adventure/Mystery. Daniel, Jack and Daniel friendship, Team. Mild whumping (Sam and Daniel). PG-13.

Short Stories, Missing Scenes, Ficlets

One Last Time: The team can see right through Teal'c. S8, after Moebius. Humor. Team. PG.

Stasis: SG-1 struggle to move on while Jack is trapped in the Antarctic. S7/S8, Lost City and New Order. Drama. Jack and Daniel friendship, Team. PG.

Deranged: While Jack and Teal'c are offered a tour of an off-world city, Sam and Daniel must find a different way to amuse themselves. S7, early in the season. Humor. Sam/Daniel friendship. Team. PG.

Redux: It's pitch time and SG-1 definitely have a lot to say. Solely speculative for 200. References to ship and slash in a humorous context. S10, spec for 200. Humor/Crackfic. Team, w/Jack. PG-13.

The Flame: SG-1 celebrate the birthday of a fallen hero (Challenge at The GenGate). Early S6. Angst. Jack, Team. PG.

Luck of the Valentine: A little confusion places SG-1 in an uncomfortable situation. S3/4. Humor. Team. PG.

Observations: An alien takes interest in human behavior. S2. Humor. Team. OC. G.

Double Entendres: Why's SG-1 so fascinated with Jack? (Based on the MacGyver MC commerical.) S9. Humor. Classic team. G.

It's All About Technique: Though a traitor, an outcast, saddled with the hardships of an enslaved people and a war against false gods, Teal'c learns that simplicity can hold a new kind of freedom. S2, before Out of Mind. Humor/Drama. Sam and Teal'c friendship. Team. PG.

Shadow Walkers: An off-world investigation leads to a clash between myth and reality in the crypts of Chibchachum.S2, after The Tok'ra. Drama. Action/Adevnture. Team. PG.

The Making of a Team: Expanded ending scenes to The Enemy Within with a twinge of humor. The team becomes complete. S1 tag/missing for The Enemy Within. Jack. Team. PG.

Enjoying the View: Teal'c makes sure Sam enjoys the view. S9. Humor. Teal'c. Sam/Teal'c friendship. Team. PG.

Cohesion: As doubts and fears plague Cameron while SG-1 sleeps, he starts to learn the value of hope and togetherness. S10, Morpheus missing scene. Drama. Humor. Cameron, Team. PG-13.

Double Trouble: Some confusion lands Daniel and Cameron into hot water. S9, after Off the Grid. Drama. Humor. Cameron and Daniel friendship. Team. PG.

Spinning: Jack can spin with the best of them. Any season. Humor ficlet. Jack, Jack/Teal'c friendship. PG.

Building Foundations: Both Jack O'Neill and his young clone begin separate paths of healing through the intervention of a shared friend. S7, tag for Fragile Balance. Drama/Humor. Jack/Daniel friendship. Mini!Jack. PG-13.

Undying: Jack remembers the fallen. S9. Drama. Jack Fic. PG.

Apartment 8-3: Maggie Ducharme, an obsessive old woman who lives across from apartment 8-3, reflects on her relationship with her neighbor, Daniel Jackson. S4/5. Drama/Angst. OC POV. PG.

Liminality: When you're on the brink, how can you move forward, when the past won't let go? S7. Drama/Angst. Daniel. PG-13.

Beyond the Darkness: After the events of "Double Jeopardy," Daniel returns with Harlan to P2X-729 to help retrieve the bodies of the synthetic SG-1 while pondering the differences in their lives. S4, tag to Double Jeopardy. Drama. Daniel. PG-13.

Silver Lining: Even in tragedy there is always the silver lining. S4, tag for The Curse. Drama. Daniel and Janet friendship. PG.

Pieces: Daniel starts to pick up the pieces of his life through one person at a time. Follow up to Apartment 8-3. Drama. Jack and Daniel friendship. OC. PG.

In the Span of a Heartbeat: Teal'c's reflections as he decides to commit the act that could end his friendship with Daniel. S3, Forever in a Day. Angst. Teal'c. PG-13.

Divided Loyalties: Teal'c reflects on his time with the SGC as memories, doubts, and insecurities haunt him, compounding his struggle to understand where his true loyalty should lie: to the Tau'ri or the Jaffa. S9, missing scene for Origin. Angst. Teal'c, Teal'c/Jack friendship. PG.

Reflections: Nicholas Ballard reflects on his life, his career, his discoveries, his family, and his relationship with his grandson. S7-ish (Prologue to uncompleted fic Paritions). Drama/Angst. Nick Ballard. Daniel flashbacks. PG.

Deceptions: Even the simplest deceptions still lead back to the truth. S7/S8, post-Lost City. Drama. Daniel/Elizabeth friendship. PG.

Misery Loves Company: The unending battles take their toil on Sam and Cameron. S10, tag for Company of Thieves. Angst. Sam/Cameron friendship. PG.

Bound By Fate: When Daniel resolves to enter through the Stargate to the find the lost city of Atlantis, Jack is forced to find a way to convince Daniel staying behind is best for him. S8 SG-1/S1 SGA, tag Rising. Drama/Angst. Jack and Daniel friendship. PG-13.

Crossing the Broca Divide: Passages from Daniel's journal throughout The Broca Divide. After the ordeal, Jack offers his support and words of wisdom while Daniel reflects on his growing relationship with the colonel. S1, The Broca Divide. Drama/Angst. Jack/Daniel friendship. PG.

Letting Go: Sam and Jack come to terms with what happened with Adrian Conrad. S5, tag for Desperate Measures. Drama. Sam/Jack friendship. PG.

Lessons: Both warriors new and old can learn important lessons. S1, The First Commandment. Drama Ficlet. Sam/Jack friendship. PG.

Teetering: The war continues not only on the battlefield, but also within the soul. S10, tag for Flesh and Blood. Angst/Drama. Sam and Daniel friendship. PG.

Achieving Grace: Sam and Daniel discuss her ordeal on the Prometheus while they tackle the negative and embrace the positive aspects of their friendship. S7, tag for Grace. Drama/Angst. Sam and Daniel friendship. Team. PG.

Inquiring Minds: Before the briefing, Daniel and Rodney exchange a few words. S10, The Pegasus Project. Humor. Daniel, Rodney, and Vala. PG.

Facade: Victories can be bittersweet. S8, Reckoning. Sam. PG.

Yet I Dream: Carlin reflects on his life. S4, Beneath the Surface. Just over a drabble. Drama/Thoughts. Daniel. PG.

Forever: There were some moments that would stay with Jack forever. Ficlet. Drama/Thoughts. Jack. PG.

Passing the Torch: Every oddball has his lifeline to reality. Post-series. Drama. Daniel. PG.

Panic at the Disco: Sometimes you have to take one for the team. S9. Humor. Team. PG.

Genie of the MALP: When SG-1 are mistaken as genii, they must rely on magic and trickery to make it back alive. S7. A/A, Drama, Humor. Team. PG.

Silicon Knights: Jack oversees SG-1's latest project against the Ori. Post-series prior to Ark of Truth. Humor. Team. PG.

Cooking with Teal'c: Teal'c introduces Vala to The Food Network. S10. Humor. Teal'c and Vala friendship, Team. PG.

Assimilation: Teal'c embraces an aspect of Tau'ri culture. S1. Humor. Team. G.

Conspiracy Theory: Conspiracy is in the air. Post-series. Humor. Jack and Daniel friendship. PG.


The Broken Dreams; Shattered Memories Series

Beyond Blue: Part One: Janet helps Daniel open up as he is reintroduced to the base. S7, missing scene for Fallen. Drama. Janet/Daniel friendship. PG.

Unto You This Night: Part Two: Daniel revisits Teal'c with more questions. S7, missing scene for Fallen. Drama. Teal'c/Daniel friendship. PG.

Heroics: Part Three: Jonas ponders his place and his dreams in light of Daniel's return. Scene takes place prior to Jonas entering the VIP room to discuss his thoughts on Anubis and the tablet with Daniel. S7, missing scene for Fallen. Drama. Jonas Quinn. PG.

Faceless Presence: Part Four: Hammond expresses his concern over Daniel's behavior after having rejoined the SGC.
S7, between Homecoming and Fragile Balance. Drama. Hammond and Daniel friendship. PG.

Scientific Inquiry: Part Five: A late night in Sam's lab proves that chocolate and flowers can conquer all. S7, between Homecoming and Fragile Balance. Drama/Angst. Sam and Daniel friendship. PG.

Cry for a Shadow: Part Six: As the memories begin to overwhelm Daniel, Jack is there to support his friend and to try to correct his own mistakes of the past. S7, between Homecoming and Fragile Balance. Drama/Angst. Jack and Daniel friendship. PG.

Identity and Reconstruction: Part Seven: Daniel's quest to rediscover himself reaches its climax when he finds his life plagued with dreams, nightmares and flashbacks. Only by his strength and through self-discovery, will he be able to accept his past and embrace his future. S7, between Homecoming and Fragile Balance. Epilogue after Orpheus. Daniel. Team. PG-13.


Borrowed Time: He's living on more than just borrowed time. Jacob. S8. PG.

Fire in the Sky: Jack is left to describe a favorite Earth pastime to Teal'c. Jack/Teal'c friendship. S2. PG.

The Scam: Daniel won't drink anything less than the best. Right? Daniel. Team. G.

Gratitude: Jack feels the bitter sting of betrayal as he sits alone in his holding cell. Jack. S6. PG.

Exoneration: Rage affects even the most compassionate of hearts. S3. Jack/Daniel friendship. PG.

Distance: Why is it when we are ready for change it is always too late? Sam/Daniel friendship. S9. PG.

Visitation Rights: Time and distance can't keep a good friend down. Jack/Daniel friendship. S9. G.

Raincheck: Mitchell reflects on his time with SG-1 while held captive by the Sodan. Cameron. S9. PG.

Protection: Sacrifices must be made to protect those you love. Jack. S9. PG.

Games: Teal'c decides to take action against the games of the Tau'ri. Teal'c. S9. PG.

Forgotten Star: Sam and her team would endure. S8. Sam Whump. Team. PG.

Seeing Is Believing: Daniel would have never believed it if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes. S10. Daniel, Cameron, Teal'c. Humor. PG.

Teal'c Fic Table
Teal'c Fic Table: Table of 100 short Fics dedicated to Teal'c. Incomplete at this time.

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