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SG-1 Master Ship Fanfic List

Here is the SHIP list. This includes any and all ships I have written, even if they were one-time only fics or fics for friends. For CROSSOVER DANIEL/ELIZABETH SHIP, please see



Quiet Strength: Sha'uri reflects on her life, and her time with her husband, as she tackles her destiny. Drama/Angst. S1, Children of the Gods. PG-13.

*Isis Awards 1st Place Winner for Daniel/Sha're: Best Angst/Drama

What Is Lost: Reality provides a whole new perspective. S3, Forever in a Day. Angst. PG.


Something Old: Something old can easily become something new. S9. Drama. PG.


Afterglow: Sam and Daniel must struggle with the consequences of a scientific conference gone wrong. S8. Drama/Angst. Mentions of Sam/Pete. PG-13.

*Isis Awards 1st Place Winner for Sam/Daniel: Best Angst/Drama

A Thing of Beauty: To gaze upon a thing of beauty is to understand hope. S10, The Pegasus Project. Ficlet. PG.

Compromises: The give and take of compromise is essential to successfully achieve a goal. S9. Humor. Romance. PG-13.

Watching You: Sam and Daniel watch a movie. S9, Fluff. Humor. PG.

One Brief Moment: Learning to wait takes patience. S1. UST. PG.

Imperfections: While attending a function with former colleagues, Sam is forced to face some of the doubts that have been weighing down on her subconscious. S8, before Reckoning. Pre-ship/UST. PG-13.

Heavenly Bodies: Sam finds coming back to Colorado is like coming home. S9. Drabble. PG-13.

Moving Forward: Both Sam and Daniel find closure so that they can finally move forward. S9. Ripple Effect spoiler. PG.

Mismatched: When Sam is trapped and injured off-world, she is rescued by an old friend. But she soon realizes this isn't the Daniel she once knew. Spoilers through S6 Abyss. Sam Whumping. PG.


Russian Roulette: Quarantined on a diseased planet, SG-1 becomes embroiled in a political conflict that threatens to destroy the population and the members of SG-1 themselves. S5, prior to Meridian. UST. Also a team fic. PG-13.

A Priori (Ship Version): As Doomsday talk increases across the galaxy, the SGC must band together with the Tok'ra, the Jaffa, the Asgard and other allies to stop a new threat from the Ori, while battling mistrust and treason within their own organization. However, their efforts are complicated when a woman who appears to be Janet Fraiser is found. The SGC must unravel the true nature of the plots against them if they are to save their loved ones. S9. New team w/classic team. Drama/Angst. A/A. Also can be read to have Sam/"whoever you want" UST as well.

*Winner of the Dan/Jan Novel Challenge

Is Fada Liom Uaimi Uaimi: He longs for her. S9, post Ripple Effect. Angst. S9 Team. PG.

The Gift: Gifts come in many forms, shapes, and sizes. S9, tag for Ripple Effect. AU. Includes Sam/Teal'c. PG.

Three: The door to all; the door to one. In the circle, time undone. Past embrace, future gone. Beware the choice; the wishful come. As Daniel hears these words play over and over in his mind, he has to make a decision that could change his life and the lives of his friends forever. S8, Drama/Angst. A/A. Includes S8 team. PG-13.

*Winner for Best Ship Angst (Other) in the 2006 Stargate Fan Awards. First Place Winner in the 2006 Isis Awards Daniel/Janet Best Angst/Drama Category. Winner of the Daniel/Janet Number Three Challenge.

Warning Signs: When Daniel begins to spend more and more time with his former love Sarah, Janet braces herself for the worst, and allows herself to let go of her own wants and desires for Daniel's happiness and peace of mind. But sometimes not even those who are keenly aware of their surroundings can see the warning signs. S7, after Chimera. Fluff. PG.

Negotiations: After a long day of failed negotiations, Daniel needs a break. S7, tag for Fallout. Fluff. Angst. PG-13.

Fragments: SG-1 hits disaster on a standard recon mission. When the mission leaves Daniel Jackson in pieces, can Doctor Fraiser and SG-1 take his fragments and make him whole again? S4, sometime after The Crystal Skull. Drama. Team. PG-13.

*Tied 1st Place in the 2005 Isis Awards Best Daniel/Janet Angst/Drama. Won Best Drama (Ship) in the 2005 Stargate Fanfic Awards

Lost to the Dark: As a surprise storm rages off-world, SG-1 and Janet Fraiser hunker down in an old shack and prepare to engage an enemy that is slowly stalking towards them. S5, S5 spoilers. UST. Team. Drama. PG.

More Than A Whisper: Tonight made all the difference. S7 - spoilers for the same season. Drabble. PG.

One Last Dance: She saved him one last dance. S7 - spoilers for the same season. Angst. PG.


Inside Advances: Cameron's trail of evidence finally catches up to him. S10, Memento Mori. PG-13.

The More Things Change: Cameron realizes that the more things change, the more they stay the same. S10. PG.


Behind Closed Doors: Jack and Daniel find out closed doors are closed for a reason. S8. UST. Humor/Fluff. PG-13.

Of Fire: A Jaffa's thoughts on the Tau'ri female warrior spirit. Drabble. G.

*First Place Winner in the 2006 Isis Awards for Sam/Teal'c

The Gift: Gifts come in many forms, shapes, and sizes. S9, tag for Ripple Effect. AU. Daniel/Janet and Sam/Teal'c. PG.

Playing the Right Hand: Teal'c considers that hand he's been dealt. S9, tag to Ripple Effect. UST. PG.


The Killing Time: As doctors attempt to break Ba'al's brainwashing of Agent Barrett, Sam suffers the pain that time can bring. S10, Insiders. Angst. UST. PG.

Unlike the Perfect Package: Sometimes the best things aren't all that extraordinary after all. S9. Character Study. Fluff. PG.

When The Time Is Right: The right time finally arrives. Post-series. Ficlet. PG.

Desperately Seeking: She knew she shouldn't seek him out. Continuum Ficlet. PG.


Without Words: Time and patience can outlast any words. S10. Ficlet. PG.

*Isis Awards 2nd Place Winner for Cameron/Sam: Best Drabble

The Naked Truth: Cameron learns a little bit more than he wanted to know about SG-1. S9. UST. S9 Team. PG-13.

The Little Things: It's the little things in life we hold dear. Post-series. PG.


Old Wounds: Sometimes all it takes are a few words to heal old wounds. S9, The Fourth Horseman. Angst. PG.


In the End: Sam realizes she doesn't have to run any longer. S7, Death Knell. Ficlet. PG.

What's Left Unsaid: Sam visits Jack to say one last goodbye before she goes to battle the Ori. S10, Quest pt2, Line in the Sand. PG.

Aftermath: Sam lends support as Jack struggles with the aftermath of his time with Ba'al. S6, Abyss. PG/PG-13


A Matter of Trust: Vala learns trust isn't easily acquired. S10 (early). UST. PG.


Driven to Distraction: To help take their minds off Daniel, Teal'c takes Vala shopping. S10. Spoilers: The Quest pt 2, Line in the Sand. UST. PG-13.
Tags: fic: sg-1/sga het

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