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SG-1 Slash Master Fanfic List

The following fics are slash stories that I have written. This is the shortest of the lists as I am not actively writing slash at this time.

SG-1 Slash


Reprecussions: Daniel reflects on the implications of time travel. S8, Moebius. PG-13.

Belonging: When Daniel resolves to enter through the Stargate to the find the lost city of Atlantis, Jack is forced to come to terms with his own feelings and thoughts in an effort to make Daniel stay. S8 SG-1/S1 SGA -- Rising. Humor/Parody Fic. PG-13.

Rewriting the Rules: From ritual to sport, the rules of life are always being renegotiated. S7. UST/Pre-slash.

Midas' Touch: Midas isn't the only one that sets out to get what he wants. S8. Humor. PG-13.

Appreciation: Jack learns how to appreciate nature. S7. Romance.

Raindrops: With the rain come new discoveries. S7. Poetic Vignette. PG-13.

More Than Mann's Theatre: When Jack takes SG-1 on a trip to Hollywood, each member of the team discover something more interesting than the glamour and glitz of the city of stars. S7, after Lifeboat. Humor. Drama. PG-13.

Faith and Recovery: Stranded off-world and struggling to fit in, Jack and Daniel learn a lesson in discovery as they fight to escape. S7. Takes place sometime after Fallen/Homecoming. Mild Jack whumping. PG.


Breathe: Daniel breathes life into Cameron. S9. Humor, Drabble. PG.

The Point: Cameron helps Daniel get to the point. S9. Humor. PG.


Sweat: Sometimes you have to sweat for what it's worth. Any season. Pre-slash. Humor. PG.


Gracious Endeavors: Teal'c offers his gratitude for all Daniel has done for him. Season 8. Episode tag, Affinity. PG

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