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New SG-1 Community

I went and made a new community. God knows if it conflicts with anything in the second half of Season 10, but that's not the point.

Every since Season 9's Avalon aired, we've been given parallels between SG-1 and The Knights of the Round Table. Heroic, courageous, and even a little foolhearty and tragic -- these are qualities shared by the the Knights and the members of SG-1.

What if SG-1 had traveled back in time and literally became some of the Knights of the Round table?

Come join us in exploring -- literally or metaphorically -- SG-1 as the Knights of the Round.


I'm big into low maintenance communities (as can be seen by my woefully inactive comms *sniff*), so I've very much a person who feels come, play, have fun, and be nice :)

I'm still working on the layout, but here it is for anyone interested.
Tags: tv: sg-1/sga discussion/meta

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