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13 April 2007 @ 11:04 pm
Other Fanfic Master List  
At this time, this list includes Smallville, Farscape, SGA, and Dark Angel. List contains GEN and SHIP.



While I Wait: When Elizabeth gets an unexpected visitor as she awaits the ancient Atlanteans' decision on her fate, an unlikely romance develops that not only spans galaxies, but time itself. S1 SGA/S8 SG-1. Angst/Drama/Romance. PG-13

An Ocean Away: Atlantis and Elizabeth open to the warmth of a new day. Any Season. Ficlet. PG-13.


Compromising the Self: Breaking the fantasy of idealism leaves Weir questioning herself. S2, late season. Drama. Drabble.

The Smartest Man: The smartest man knows it all and has it all. Pre-series, Rising. Rodney and Daniel. Sam/Rodney. Humor. Drabble. G.

Taking Action: John can no longer stand idly by. S3, The Real World. Drama. Drabble. PG.


Connections: The more Clark tries to deny the connections, the more they come back to ensnare him. S6, Hydro. Lois/Clark UST. PG.

A Lazy Moment: Clark embraces those little lazy moments in his life like a treasured gift. Post-series. Ficlet. Clark/Lois. PG.

Monday Morning: It's just another Monday morning at the Daily Planet. S8. Clark/Lois UST. Double Drabble. PG.

Silent Exchanges: Sometimes the best gifts aren't the ones we're expecting. S8. Clark/Lois UST. Word Count: 1349. PG.


Abandon: John Crichton contemplates his situation. Little ficlet that takes place during Jeremiah Crichton. S1. Ficlet. Drama. PG

Dark Angel

Lost in the Moment: She brought him to a place he never wanted to leave. Alec/Rachel. Spoilers: The Berrisford Agenda. S2. Ficlet. PG

Mind Games: Alec is forced to confront his demons, whether real or imagined, when he takes a bet with Sketchy to stay in a haunted house overnight. Spoilers: Hello, Goodbye. S2. Word Count: 2,669. Drama. PG

Work in Progress: A life threatening incident allows Joshua to see Alec's true colors. Joshua, Alec. Post-series. Word Count: 1,228. Angst, H/C. PG
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