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SG-1 10x12: Line in the Sand

I've been avoiding LJ because I couldn't watch this episode until today. It's bad enough people spoiled me a bit for this episode before so I didn't want to make it worse by venturing out last night. But at least now I have seen it.

Who wrote this episode? This episode had some of the finest acting and writing I have seen in a very very long time.

I don't know. This is two for two. First there was Quest 2 that just left me aching and hungry for more. Now, Line in the Sand airs and it's another winner. I could watch both of these eps over and over and over.

Anyway, nice bit of continuity. I love how much chemistry AT and BB have as Sam and Cam. Some of AT's best acting in this episode. Far far too often all she gets to do is technobabble which is a shame since she's a layered character like the rest of them. It was nice to see this side of Sam and I don't feel it weakened her at all. And wow, I love Cam. BB has done such a fine job at portraying a stronger, more mature and more secure Cam this season, while still not losing his spark and some of his doubts. It's awesome. Nice mention of Daniel and Cassie. Yay! I figured Sam would mention her when she started talking about personal letters. I suppose the password is fishing was a way to throw a bone to Sam/Jack shippers. I can deal with that because it wasn't anything overt. Everyone wins that way.

I was spoiled for Tomin which really really annoys me. I should have filtered all my communities when these started airing overseas because since then people have been spoiling me with icons and fic descriptions and the like, so I knew Tomin was in this one. Would have preferred not to know.

I love Tomin. I've loved Tomin since he first came on as a character. I think he and Vala have this really complex relationship and both of them play it so well. I don't think they could ever get back what they had -- there is just too much pain and mistrust, but I like them together. Tomin helped make Vala a better person imo and Vala has helped Tomin see the good in himself. There are too many differences between them, but you can tell they love each other. It's all very heartbreaking.

I don't know who plays Tomin, but the actor is awesome. He completely took over the scenes he was in. I wanted more! His scenes were intense, and I loved the interplay between him and Vala and him and the Prior. I'm glad they didn't kill him and I can pretend that deep down, he's trying to soul search to see how he can do the right thing without compromising his beliefs. But watch, they'll probably kill him in a few episodes just so he won't be in the way anymore *sigh*

I liked the townspeople. Where have I seen the traitor guy before? He looked very familiar. And I liked the plot. I'm confused though. Wasn't there an episode this year about phasing out that brought in bad bugs? Oh wait. Those were those Sodan things. Never mind.

Teal'c...didn't have much to do. I love Teal'c anyway. I mean Teal'c always rocks. He's just awesome. But I wish he would have more to do these days. He keeps getting shafted quite a bit lately.

Very nice moment there at the end with Sam, Cam, and the macaroons. When Sam said she'd be there for a few weeks healing, I was like, ha. I guess that is how they'll sneak in the next episode, which I am also somewhat spoiled for due to loose lips *scowls*

Anyway, I adored this episode and I'm very pleased. We'll see for next episode. Maybe we can make it three for three!
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