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And so MS was on 24 tonight.

I always love the political storylines on "24" even if they are rehashed old storylines.

So MS is playing a not so nice lobbyist. Cool. He didn't have much to do this episode but be sneaky, but I look forward to seeing where he takes the character over the course of his brief stint. He fits into 24 quite well, though. See what happens when you use someone, Lisa? Someone uses you back.

This episode was way better than some of the more recent ones I've seen. it's like all my shows but SG-1 have been in a rut. But the Audrey stuff wasn't bad. And the Noah Daniels stuff was quite good.

I miss Bill. Doyle didn't annoy me this episode. And Audrey's father got to have the best line of the entire episode.

Next week's looks pretty good. The season is almost over, so we'll see what happens.
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