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Weird SG-1 Dream: Taking the Team Too Far?

Oh yeah. I had another one. Not going to mention the one from the other night, but the SG-1 dreams keep coming. Incidentally, this one was a followup to a MacGyver dream and that...made NO sense. Alas, no porn.

So, I was "watching" TV and I stumbled onto MacGyver. I was like yeah cool! I haven't seen many eps so I'll see. And then there were two MacGyvers and they were like in this competition. Man, it was strange. They both were trying to get to some school to help some hostage children, but in the same vein they were trying to out do each other. I don't know if my mind was trying to make them twin brothers or clones, but they were weird, man, weird. But it was double sweat hotty young RDA. My brain obviously has issues.

Then MacGyver was over. (And yes, Mac -- I guess the real one -- freed the kids from the school and everyone was happy. Then Mac and Mac took a nap in a cave *shrugs*)

Then I was flipping through the channels and I stumbled on some kind of politcal drama on a cruise ship. I think. There were two guys talking all conspiracy type stuff and then there was Kurt Russell! I laughed and thought, wow. Two different Jacks in one night. That is funny. What would be funnier is if RDA was in this "movie" too.

And then he was. And he was Jack. He was scouting out the ship, sort of undercover but not, with Sam. And Sam had super crazy long hair that made me blink. I think it was a wig. I think they were in disguise but...yeah.

So in my dream I'm thinking, 'kay. Is this really Stargate? And then they started talking Stargatey and I squeeed in my dream. Jack and Sam met up with Daniel and Teal'c in some room with the creepy guys sans Kurt Russell. They were obviously trying to get a feel of these guys intentions. Teal'c had a hat on. Daniel's hair was this weird hybrid between S2 and S3, longer than S3 but still short. And he was sort of wet. Don't know why. They decide to retire for the night.

Meanwhile, my brain is like, what episode is this? How did I miss an episode? This doesn't seem like an episode. (My brain is stupid in dreams sometimes.) So I checked the guide and it said it was a tv movie made that was supposed to take place in S5. And I laughed again because no way. I think my brain started to understand at this point.

Back to the "movie," Sam and Jack have a talk. They decide that yes they care for each other but their professionalism and friendship should come first. So my brain screaming "no ship on my show!" was quickly appeased by that statement.

Until, you know, Jack and Sam retired for the night. All four shared a bedroom. Daniel and Teal'c were curled up in one bed. (Brain is doing a WTF moment right now.) Sam and Jack? They stared for like a second and then shrugged it off. Sam climbed into the free bed and Jack climbed in with Daniel and Teal'c...gah. No. And then Sam got lonely in bed all by herself and she climbed in with the other three. So imagine Daniel on his left side, Teal'c curled up next to him with his arm drapped over him then Jack curled up next to Teal'c, before shifting positions to lay on both Teal'c and Daniel and then Sam coming in, and scooting down the bottom with her head on Daniel's leg and her body tangled with Jack and Teal'c's legs.

Yeah...okay. And Sam and Daniel's hair morphed to looking like S3 hair. So methinks my dream guide was wrong about S5 ;)

Daniel then got ticked that everyone was crushing him so he later left to sleep on the couch I swear wasn't there before.

Then I woke up.


Obviously, I'm taking this whole team thing a little too far. ;)
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