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SG-1: The Shroud

Here we go...

Okay, so...not a bad episode. It held my interest. One of the better eps of the season. This was a highly anticipated episode for me, so it will never meet my expectations, but it wasn't bad.

*Jack and Daniel scenes
*Jack and everybody scenes
*Team feel
*Abyss confirmation between Jack and Daniel
And probably most importantly...
*The element of suspense ran throughout the episode. I never really knew if Daniel was Daniel or not.

*Not enough Sam and Daniel friendship scenes. Boo.
*Not so great acting. Okay, the acting in this episode didn't impress me. AT was just sort of there. BB was okay. CB was a bit annoying with the overly done facial expressions. RDA was better than I've seen in a while (like SGA), but not as dramatic as I would have hoped for. And MS...not even sure what was off about it. I understand Daniel was messed up, but dunno. I didn't really like anyone's acting but CJ and Robert Picardo in this.

*Adria and Daniel. I had a feeling that was coming though

Personally, I would have liked for more gray area. Maybe Daniel not being totally in control of himself. I think that would make it richer. But with the time limits, I can understand why.

I think I need to watch again to get the full impact as I don't catch a lot during first viewings. But I was really satisifed that TPTB kept us guessing as to Daniel's intentions throughout. That was very important to make the episode work and they pulled it off well. I just have standards that can't be met sometimes ;) But it was a good episode. I might not have been impressed with the acting, but it felt good. The episode felt right.

I really miss Jack and the team :(

4 out of 4!!!! Yay! I...don't think we'll make 5 out of 5 though. The preview for next week. Oh...eek.
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