Working for the Mandroid (moonshayde) wrote,
Working for the Mandroid

24: 2am-3am

Not a bad episode. I found it enjoyable with the CTU stuff. Even if they've done this 50 million times already.

Milo is dead. Ugh. Everyone I like dies.

MS...I am thinking they brought him on just to be sexy because so far he hasn't had much to do. Next week looks good though. Oh Bishop, you so bad. I hope that the plot is decent enough. I don't know if Mark Bishop bites the big one yet, so I'll have to wait and see.

Kiefer was doing what Kiefer does best, shooting Jack Bauer style. I think that is what I've missed alot this season is him doing the whole rescue and go after the bad guys bit. Doyle has been that part this year.

Anyway, looking forward to next week. The preview said only two eps left. Aren't there three? Usually the third and second to last episode in every season are some of the best whereas the final ep is the wrap up ep. So it should be good.
Tags: other tv and film
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