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Week of TV in Review

Okay, well here are my thoughts on the shows I watched this week.

It was good. I enjoyed it. Yay for Mark Bishop not dying! The grandfather stuff was a little stupid, but it still felt like 24 again. I haven't been very fond of this season. The Kiefer scenes were great.

I love Tom.

But seriously? CTU should have better security by now.

Only two hours left...season finale Monday


Okay, you know what? I really loved this finale. I've seen a lot of complaints about the S6 finale, but it worked for me. I didn't mind all the Clana because it worked fine for this episode. Lex was evil and played it very well. Poor guy. I always feel bad for him. He always gets the short end of the stick. But he's still evil. Clark was good. I like to see the unheroly side of Clark because it shows he's human.

Lois was awesome. She's so iconic Lois is makes me smile.

Chloe was fantastic. Alison Mack is a great actress.

Lionel wins though. John Glover is so my secret older boyfriend. Seriously. The man is a fine actor and he holds this show together. Good or evil or gray. Doesn't matter. Each time he rocks.

I was annoyed by the "deaths" in this episode because really some characters are just not expendible. It looks like they might be writing Martha out by sending her away to DC. (Btw, nice touch with Martha telling Clark to leave the farm.) Lionel I am worried about. Clark we know will live. Lois was dead but brought back to life. We all know she lives. No way is Lana dead - that was a complete set up "fake your own death" scene. Lex won't die. Chloe I doubt is dead. Maybe she regenerates or something. I just don't see the writers getting rid of her. So all the drama about the characters is kind of not there. it's just waiting to see how they get out of it.

Still, the SV version of Bizarro? Nice :)


You know, I think I liked Pt1 better than Pt2 in terms of story. I have to say, I was a bit disappointed with the finale. I pretty much figured that Dean was going to sell his soul to save Sam. And to give him a year is convenient because that will coincide with next season's finale. I sort of got the vibe that this episode was written is SPN wasn't renewed. Not even a cliffhanger finale. That just makes me sad. I am all about the drama of cliffhangers.

The high points of the episode were JA's awesome acting, the return of their dad even if briefing, and Bobby just plain rocks. I also liked the concept of the churches, the railroad lines and the crypt. That was nicely done. But still. I was expecting more and I was down that I didn't really get it. I hope next season is good.

SG-1 Bounty

Okay, so technically this was last week's SG-1 episode but I couldn't watch it until tonight. I watched it with my mom and we both had a good laugh. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Okay, Cameron and Vala are just perfect. I love that TPTB have been putting them together more and more this season because they are comedic gold. They just ooze chemistry. It's a shame that they couldn't make Cameron the object of Vala's affection if they must have ship on this show because those two just work so well. I don't want anyone hooking up mind you and I know they won't go that way because of Farscape, but I really enjoy their scenes together.

Daniel in the library/museum place was cool. He was so Daniel that it made me squee. I knew that the lady was a bounty hunter, but SG-1 is pretty much always predictible. Sam and Lee at a science convention? Awesome. Lee is just so funny. I was under the impression he had a wife and kids though. Maybe they split. Lee still rocks, though.

Teal'c and the Jaffa...he used a staff weapon! I almost died. That was so good to see again :)

Cameron, Vala, and his parents. Too funny. The reunion wasn't bad.

Really, this episode wasn't bad. It wasn't their strongest, but it wasn't bad. I was expecting something horrible. Everyone remained in character. Vala even pushed off someone's advances because she was married. All of these were nice touches. It was very Cam and Vala centric, but that didn't bother me. I am here just to be entertained and it worked for me. So, surprisingly, this episode was 5 out of 5 for the second half so far

SG-1 Bad Guys

This was another ep I had some reservations about. I'd seen some of the scenes via an interview I'd watched back when we found out the show had been cancelled. No AT in this episode (why?) as Sam was in Washington briefing the president. Hank's smug little satisifed smile? Brilliant.

Anyway, even though I found a few scenes to be a bit jarring, this was an overall good episode. The beginning and the end sold me on the episode. Again, Vala and Cam pretty much owned the episode. I guess people who feared this would become the Cam and Vala show have something to justify their claims. Honestly, it doesn't bother me much. Not much bothers me these days, it seems.

Of course, since this took place in a museum, concerned the Stargate, had a scientist that was basically their planet's Daniel Jackson, and because it felt with artifacts might make me a bit biased ;)

I loved Cicero. I loved Vala's line when Cicero basically confirmed he was the planet's Daniel. I bounced in my seat when Daniel did his explorer's speech. I loved that Daniel made a really rotten "bad guy." The look Teal'c gave Daniel was priceless. And Daniel was so adamant about the whole good first contact thing and then he got shot. HA. I *missed* that Daniel. We don't get to see that Daniel very much. That is the Daniel I enjoy.

Nice to see Daniel and Teal'c actually in scenes together. Loved the Die Hard reference. Daniel was clueless and Teal'c knew right away. (I admit, I didn't get it either.) Vala actually got to do some thieving things. Cam was great just being Cam. I also liked comfirmation on what their rules are in making first contact and how it's dependent on technological level. Makes sense.

But what made the episode work was the end. Our heroes survived, but the event was covered up. God knows what happened to Cicero. And then you could hear the disappointment in Daniel and Sg-1 over being unable to reach them, but also knowing how that goes. That not so perfect ending was great and very satisifying more so than some of their more recent endings.

Really, aside from a couple of cringe worthy scenes - yes I am looking at you, Daniel - and the over the top security guard that wore out his welcome before he even said his first line, I really liked the episode. That is 6 for 6!

Next week's episode concerns me...

In other weekly news, I'm still plodding with my S/D Fic and think I'll settle on idea number 2 since idea 1 will take forever for me to finish.

I'm also thinking of putting some of my ideas/half finished stories up for adoption. Some I am keeping to finish myself, but some fanfic I know I'll never get to. We'll see.

And I also got another poem published. Yay!
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