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A Bit About Me

First of all, welcome to all the new people on my flist. I can't promise this will be the most entertaining journal in the universe, but I can be chatty and excitable from time to time.

I've hit a bit of a lull, but I'm sure to post some discussions soon or as the mood strikes me. Currently, RL is a bit crazy, so I'm quieter than normal and slightly out of touch with fannish activities. And my original writing world is kind of bustling hard right now and most of my energies are there at the moment. I know it's a good thing because I have a good feeling about my projects, but it also limits me in fandom. *sniff* It's just original fic trumps fandom. But I still love reading what you all post.

Just to get up to speed, here is a little bit about me for the new people and for anyone who is bored. Or maybe you've know me for a long time and didn't know some of this about me :)

My main fannish interest is SG-1. I love SG-1. I prefer the classic seasons and episodes to the new ones, but I'm still enjoying the new eps as well. I am GEN for the show. Meaning, I love the show best when it's about the team. I like to see their differences highlighted and I like to see them care for each other. My team is a deeply caring team that would do anything for each other and to save people. But my team also has characters that are flawed and far from perfect. That is what I love to see.

I am also prefer GEN in the fandom (much love), but I'll write just about anything to challenge myself. I read ship, slash, and gen and I'm always up for a fic for a pairing I don't like as long as it is written well and can convince me it could work.

I used to get very distressed when I saw stuff on the show and in fandom that I detested, but I've since stopped caring. SG-1 is ending. Fandom wars are silly. Ship wars are silly. It's all silly to me. I understand people care deeply and feel passionately about the show. Awesome. But I just can't see what good it does to go around and try to hurt people that don't see your pov. You'll find my flist is filled with a variety of people -- shippers, slahsers, gen people. I have OTPers and multishippers. I have people who like pairings that make me unease. It's all good.

Unless you are a stupid person and are throwing your fannish entitlement around. Then, no love for you.

Fave character is probably Daniel, but you will see me squee as equally for Jack and Sam and Teal'c and even Cameron. I'm not as fond of Jonas or Vala, but I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt. Much love for Hammond and Janet too. Landry I'm neutral on. Team is bestest ;)

However, I can and will criticize any character, even the ones I love. No one is perfect after all.

I mainly hang out here on LJ because I like it best and I'm lazy.

Other Fandoms
I am not "active" in any other fandom. But I really, really love Smallville despite it's often worse than some of the worst SG-1 stuff. Clark/Lois is my OTP, but I don't want to see it realized on Smallville. I love the cheesy Superman movies, but have yet to see Superman Returns. My comic knowledge of them is limited. I grew up on the movies and saw some episodes of Lois and Clark. Still my OTP, though.

I watch Supernatural and enjoy it. Very well done. Dean is my fave, but I love the brothers. I prefer this show on DVD so I can watch it late with the lights off.

X-Files was my main show of the 90's and still might be be my fave show ever. I was a Mulder/Scully shipper, though didn't want it realized on screen until the end. I liked the movie even if no one else did. It just was such a great show. It should have ended with Mulder finding out what happened t his sister, imo. Or if they had to drag it out, at least end at the end of S8. Alas, didn't happen.

The original Star Wars trilogy are my fave movies. I was a SW nut forever. I love Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Han Solo and the rest of them. (Han shot FIRST.) Love Han/Leia, and the conflict and parallels between Luke and Vader. The use of mythology and character archetypes was spot on for these films. I also like the prequels, but not as much. SW will always have a special place in my heart.

I'm more than half way through S4 of Farscape. It's a very good show, even though I almost didn't make it through S1. It's not my fave show ever, but it's a fun and different place to explore when I need something, well, different.

I love The A-Team and original BSG even though they're cheesy. I'm currently watching MacGyver and enjoying that brand of wacky 80's too.

I like tons of other stuff, too, like FFX and Pirates and the list goes on and on ;)

So, this is me. I have some memes and stuff I'm going to post later. I still want to do my personal fanon one and I have another I want to post that goes more into the way I see SG-1 fandom. And then I have to work on my novel. I was out all day yesterday and didn't get a single word in. This is something I must do after I go to my friend's kid's b-day party today.
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