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Ten Things I Will Not Apologize For in SG-1 Fandom

Since the show is coming to a close very soon, I thought I'd look back at the fandom a bit. These are some of my feelings on the SG-1 fandom. It's not everything I think and feel, but they are important points. My involvement as definitely lessened over time and will likely continue to lessen due to my original fic commitments. Yet, at the same time I know I won't be leaving completely. Not right now, anyway.

1. I am a GEN and TEAM fan.
Occasionally, I see this stigma against Gen team fans. I'm proud to be one. I like the team dynamic best. I feel it allows all the characters to showcase their strengths and weaknesses. It also best demonstrates how much they care for each other. Just because I don't ship or see Sam/Jack or Daniel/Vala at the same level as others doesn't make me any less of a fan or make me some delusional freak.

2. I am a Daniel fan.
I love Daniel. I always will. He's the character that drew me to the show (though in a TEAM context) and he'll always be the one I feel a certain affinity to. Part of that is because I find the character intriguing. Part of it is because Daniel studies what I study. Part of it is because I think MS playing Daniel is cute. But for the character? He's not perfect. He's arrogant and flawed and kind of dangerous when he sets his mind on something. But I love him for it. The show is just not the same without Daniel.

3. I am a Sam fan.
I love Sam. She's also flawed, but in different ways. She's bright and she's brave, but is an emotional mess. I may not have liked what they've done with her character sometimes, but I feel like in the past two seasons she's matured as a character. I've always enjoyed her overall, and as a character she seems to often get the short end of the stick as "the girl." But I can't not have Sam on SG-1. She makes it as much as Jack and Daniel and Teal'c make it for me. And now, Cameron. I am also proud that I, personally, can enjoy both Sam and Daniel without having to feel like taking sides :)

4. I love Cameron.
One can still love Cameron and love Jack. For me, Cameron is not Jack. Cameron does not replace Jack. Because really, who can replace Jack? Cameron is new and fresh, and adds something vibrant to an aging show and to the other characters who have faced so much over the years. And though he's not always written consistently, Cameron is my favorite part of the new aspect of the show. It doesn't hurt that he's hot, either.

5. I multiship in the fandom and don't have an OTP.
I am GEN for the show, but anything goes in fandom. The closest to an OTP I may have is Jack/Sara and Daniel/Sha're. And I like the tragic ends to those ships. I just do. But I find fandom fun and full of so many possibilities. Why not explore them? I explore some ships more than others. Some ships I'm just not feeling the love. But what is nice about fandom is that if I get an idea, I can go with it, no matter what it is.

6. I have friends of every persuasion.
I'm ecstatic that I know people that love various pairings. Knowing people that like a pairing I don't like, or don't like a pairing that I like, has been an eye opener. One can learn a ton about characterization and different povs on characters. Sometimes, if you love a character so much, you can miss their faults and turn into flat out worship. Other fans can help here. Also, if you dislike a character and someone else loves them, they might be able to point out some things you missed. It's great :)

7. I don't write porn.
I have many friends who write porn. That's fine. I don't have anything against people reading and enjoying it, actually. It's not for me. I wouldn't do it justice anyway. And I'm okay with that :)

8. I am a fanfic snob.
Yes, I am. I will stand by anyone's right to write whatever they want, but at the same time there is a lot of what I deem to be crap out there. In fact, I am rarely impressed. If I have ever read a fic of yours or commented on a fic or have recced you, then you know you have done something right. I'm sure that there are a few of you I've forgotten to feedback in the past or there are people I haven't read yet. So, don't feel discouraged if you've never heard from me. But I am hard to please and I won't apologize for that.

9. I think adding Vala to the show was a bad idea.
I love Claudia Black. I don't mind the concept of Vala. And I think CB does the absolute best with the role she has. However, I feel that (especially in S9) she hurt the dynamic on the show. In part, I feel that was due to AT's absence, RDA leaving, and a bunch of new cast and concepts that threw me off -- we lost half of SG-1 at the beginning of S9. For the record, I am enjoying her MUCH more in S10. I don't hate her and I don't love her. That seems to get me in trouble all the way around, but too bad ;)

10. To this day, I still love Jack.
I will always love Jack. Always. He was part of what made this show work and he's sorely missed. Despite some of RDA's less than stellar performances in the later years of the show, I still feel like Jack added something that cannot be replaced. They all add something that is unique and special. And maybe this is why I love this show and the better parts of fandom so much. Like every character, every person brings something unique to the table. And together, they all create this wonderful buffet of specialness :)

PS - The Teal'c love is a given ;)

SG-1 has been great. I still love it and I always will. And yay for the net so it can continue to live on :)
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