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Celebrating Finale Week: SAM

Sam Carter.

Both a brilliant scientist and a military officer, Sam is constantly walking the line that separates the two. In her early days on the team, she was often the half-way point between Jack and Daniel, a mediator of sorts, as their respective points of view clashed. Since then, she's grown from a wide-eyed, good-natured, but ofen uptight soldier, to a more relaxed mature woman who is more comfortable with herself and can take control of the situation, if necessary.

Like her teammates, she is there for those she loves. She has been known to struggle with dettachment/attachment within the military mindset which clashes with her caring nature, but she's always there, looking out for those she cares about.

So why do you love Sam Carter?


Possible topics

*What is your fave Sam episode?
*What are your face Sam lines?
*If you could use one word to describe Sam, what would it be?
*Write a drabble around the word "bold"
*Create an icon around the theme of "velocity"
*Did Sam play any "experiments" on Mark when they were younger? If so, what?
*Why do you think Sam chose the military in our reality but not in many of the AUs?

Once again, these are just suggestions. Please post any kind of meta, pics, icons, fics, links, etc.

And remember not to forget to participate in our previous discussions. Celebrate Jack here and Daniel here.
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