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SG-1: Dominion and Unending

Only some thoughts on these two episodes as I'm grumpy (not show related) and not too thinky...


I watched this last week and never commented on it. Sadly, with the week I've had I can't really remember it. I know that Adria finally seemed to get interesting and the overall plot was good. It was slow in a few places and some scenes made me shrug, but overall it was a good episode that wrapped up some loose ends. But the Ascension thing? Way overdone by now.


I don't know how I feel about this episode yet. If I detach myself, I can honestly say it was a well written episode, well acted episode, and a moving episode. I got a bit teary eyed, but that might be because I'm sort of an emotional mess right now. A couple of things didn't ring true for me: Daniel's rant on Vala and Cam going crazy. I didn't feel they were out of character -- I can see Daniel with those issues and Cam going stir crazy. I just thought it was a little over the top. Does that make sense? Maybe only to me. I think if those parts had been toned down a bit, I could buy them more.

And I still have issues with Daniel/Vala. You would think I wouldn't because of the huge RESET button. I don't know if it's because it wasn't done well or because of my own personal biases against that pairing. I'm trying to be objective though and treat it like 2010 or Moebius or any episode where they had a "future" SG-1 that got reset in the end. Because really, that is what happened. It's really no different than all those fics out there that have SG-1 stranded and then hook up.

To be fair, the romance angle wasn't in our present or our timeline (as that future will not happen). And it didn't take over the entire episode. And they still showed them within the team. It was how to do a relationship right. So, I'm thinking it's my biases coming through and maybe I'll relax and soften in time. Given the reset and all. (What *is* my problem?)

Ending scene sold it. I've been waiting a character to have a permanent change for a while and they did it to Teal'c *loves* And the end with Cameron pointing out the Stargate is better than fugly ship travel was beautiful. And it was open ended with the team going through the Gate. Awesomeness.

I just have to get out of my RL funk and relax a bit.
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