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Cancelled Explosion?

What's up with cancelled shows coming back all over the place?

There are the two SG-1 movies coming out next year. There are the Futuruma movies/episodes due out next year. Farscape webisodes. And things are finally looking good for a new X-Files movie.

My head is swimming.


Also, no more ficathons. I know I've said this before, but no. They aren't giving me much enjoyment anymore. I used to always joke about how stressful they were, but I was usually kidding. But after this last one, I just don't think it's for me anymore. I'll make an exception here or there and I'll finish the ones I'm in, but I when fandom stops being fun that is when I know it's time to cut back a bit. I do want to do the team ficathon though, whenever that will be. Hopefully it's not even close on the horizon.

(Latest one is at the betas! Yay!)

I can be fannish in other ways. But the various ficathons I have done have both been satisifying and challenging. I'm just burnt out.

Besides, with the craziness in real life, I don't have the time. And I seriously need to get working on my own stuff. I have some publishing credits out there now and I want to keep with it.

On the bright side, this leaves me up to more fannish things and maybe I'll finally get to read the fics I've been meaning to read for months now :)
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