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Farscape Starburst 4.2

Okay, I watched these eps months ago but I never posted my thoughts on them. I am having deja vu, though. Maybe I gave my thoughts personally to people. Hmmm. Anyway, let's see how much I can remember...

I Shrink Therefore I Am
As far as I can recall, this wasn't a bad episode. I knew the standard "shrink" episode had to come eventually as so many shows/cartoons do it, but it's a cliche I've always personally enjoyed.

Mainly, the highlight for me was the interaction between John and Scorpius. Honestly, I didn't really start liking this show until Scorpius took over as the main villian. (Crais did nothing for me.) And I wasn't disappointed when Scorpius was forced into an uneasy alliance with John by the beginning of the fourth season. I dunno. Scorpius just rocks.

(I need a Scorpius icon, methinks.)

At this point, I was still having mixed feelings on the John/Aeryn scenes. I liked that the roles had been reversed through S4 - that she was chasing after him instead of him chasing after her. I think I would have bored quickly if it was always one-sided. But at the same time, I was concerned there wasn't more to it and I was getting annoyed with the Noranti/drug storyline. Some of these fears would be placated later, thankfully.

A Prefect Murder

Okay, this was a weird one. It took me some time to figure out just what the heck they were trying to do. Maybe that was the point. I didn't get the whole beginning. It was disjointed and jumped all over the place. And yes, I know. It was supposed to be. At least in the end, for me, it worked.

I will admit that I liked the idea of assasins via bee stings. That could be leftover X-Files bee facination on my part, though. Heh.

The John and Aeryn stuff was interesting. And I liked the scene where they are trying not to shoot each other.

I did like Aeryn continuing to slaughter English phrases and words in this episode. As one who has studied culture for a number of years, stuff like that tends to make me squee ;)

Coup by Clam

Okay, everyone warned me about this episode. WARNED ME. I was absolutely dreading it when I hit "play."

Imagine my suprise when I didn't hate it as much as I thought.

Granted, I still think it's dumb. The idea behind the clam was interesting, but no...I wonder who thought it would be brilliant to have as many bodily fuctions and fluids into one episode possible. Not my first choice, I tell you.

John in drag was kind of scary. And D'argo amused me to no end. But I can't really say much about this episode. I must have had my expectations lowered so much that even an episode like this passed.

Where were you people when I was hating other eps? I could have used those low expectations then! ;)

Unrealized Reality

Okay, I am going to be honest. I don't understand this episode. I consider myself a smart and dedicated person. I love knowledge. But the pseudosciency stuff in this one went right over my head.

From what I could understand, I enjoyed the concept. It gave depth to the wormhole argument and also fleshed out the concerns of the Ancients really well. This episode will take me multiple viewings to really digest, but it was good. And I like John-centric episodes.

The scene that really packed the punch was when John realized what little changes/interference could do. That scene with John and all being part Scarran on Earth? That pretty much made it.

Of course, it was the set up for my two fave episodes in the series thus far.


OMG, loved this episode. Yet, another cliche: time travel. But it was fun! I thought they handled it very well. Awesome bits: Chiana screwing with John (literally); D'argo and the cops and the neighbor (ha!); Rygel and the candy (loved that); Noranti didn't annoy me (yay!); and Aeryn learning the alphabet on Seasame Street (my fave fave fave scene).

Oh course, the actual story was good too. I liked that John's struggle to embrace his family, and his pain over his mother. It was excellent.

I don't have much more to say as I loved it so. Besides I've already watched this one twice ;)

Terra Frma

I honestly didn't think they'd do the whole John actually goes home storyline. And when I realized it wasn't some weird AU or a dream or something, I was kind of shocked and a bit nervous. John's quest so far as been to find his way home. What now?

Well, I have to say TPTB pulled it off and made me believe it. I loved how the crew tried to fit in on Earth. I loved the strain between John and his father, as well as what he felt was best versus what the government and militray felt was best.

I loved that Rygel got to eat Burger King.

But when John's family/friends/collegues were attacked, it drove home the point that John can't go home. Not now, not when he has so much to do to help protect his family and Earth. Maybe John will never go home or maybe he's found a new home somewhere else. That end scene with him and his father and him and sister just made me break down so hard. Family is very important to me so this struck me hard. It hit home. And even as I type this now, I am misty eyed.

Those scenes made this episode great. I don't think I could have sung its praises without that emotional impact in the end. And while there are other episodes in the series I have really enjoyed, and ones that are probably far better written and have better plots than this one, this particular storyarc continues to haunt me. It's my fave of the series.

Twice Shy

I enjoyed this one. I did like how people's personalities flopped in this one, first hitting extremes and then switching to its polar opposite. It was interesting to see a pessimistic John and a calm D'argo and an emotional Aeryn, etc.

At times, though, I found it a bit clunky, almost as if there could have been more depth and exporation to the core concepts in this episode.

The payoff is more in the end scenes, which I find is par the course for Farscape. The exchange between Aeryn and John was well done. This helped put the whole drug thing in a new light for me and gave me the depth I needed to accept that. Then, to have Aeryn say John is paranoid only to have Scorpius chime in right after really made the point clear. That was a great scene.

Okay, so those are my mostly incoherent thoughts on episodes I watched a few months ago. I have volume 4.3 ahead and then the PKW. Yay! Though, someone spoiled me for something in the PKW. Boo.
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