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First of all, happy birthday to all my August birthday flisters. I hope you all have had or will have awesome birthdays. Please don't take offense if I don't name you personally. I am not online every day so I feel like a nice big shout out is fairest :)

Onto other stuff...

I have one episode of Farscape left and then the Peacekeeper Wars. You know, I really didn't like this show much in its first season and season 2 was hit or miss for me. By now, though, with the final storyarc, I am really enjoying it. That may be because I am drawn to plots that have a political bent, though. I love politics in fiction. I'm sad it's ending with it having gotten so good. I'll post my thoughts on the episodes soon.

For whatever reason, I am very excited about the new season of Smallville. But where are all you Smallville fans? I have no one to talk Smallville with!

My SG-1 muse has been stirring a bit so I might actually get something written. That would be nice. And I might do some quiet reading. Just pick a couple of fics on my list and start going very slowly. Maybe a little meta if the mood strikes. But I'm in quiet fandom mode and I'm not feeling overly participatory right now. It's nice. It's like leisurely fandom. I just don't have the energy to be 100% right now.

I'm probably going to give SPN a try come the fall. I loved Season 1 and I was hit and miss with Season 2. The casting spoilers don't bug me and I'm taking a wait and see attitude. But I think SPN is going to be one of my casual viewing shows.

I've been thinking a lot on my original novel and that is actually where my energies are focused right now (aside from the RL crap). I've made some breakthroughs, but I'm still having inadequacy issues. Got to fix that.

I haven't been on LJ since I think Sunday and no way can I keep up with my flist. If something important has happened, please tell! I just needed a break for a few days. RL is sucking bad right now and instead of venting here, I just needed to be away. Things are still bad so I might be a bit sporadic. Just an FYI.

Carry on :)
Tags: tv: farscape, tv: sg-1/sga discussion/meta, tv: smallville discussion/meta, tv: supernatural discussion/meta, writing: fanfic, writing: original
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