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Thoughts on Sanctuary Webisodes 1-4

Yes, I'm spamming today! Keeps my mind off things.

I've watched the first four webisodes. Aside from my complaint that they are way too short (yes, I know it costs a lot to make), I was very surprised how much I enjoyed watching it.

First, I will say I am biased in that Sanctuary explores themes I tend to like anyway. I like stories that have a supernatural or mythological slant to them. I say this repeatedly, but it's why you'll find I like shows like XF or SG-1 or SV or whatever. I just gravitate to that sort of story. I love shows that can mix science, history, and myth. Perfect fit, yes? ;) This is also why I don't tend to latch on hard to shows that focus more on just science. I like a mix.

Anyway, I went into this thinking several things. Will the CG aspect annoy me? Will I like AT in it? Since I know her as Sam Carter and haven't really been swayed by other roles I've seen her in, I wondered about her talents as an actress. (Mind you, I haven't seen her in much so I didn't have much to judge on anyway.) Just because I like her as Sam doesn't mean I would like her as someone else. I wondered if the webisode format would even work. I wondered a lot of things.

I will admit I was surprised. This wasn't a half-assed project. AT did a great job. She wasn't Sam. AT made Helen her own character with her own presence and her own issues. I bought that her character had lived a long life. She just had that kind of something about her. Burdened, sad, but wise and hopeful.

I was also surprised I liked Ashley. I never expected I would. I was dreaded that part of the story the most. I mean, how many times have we heard about the plucky young rebellious daughter? But the actress played it just the right way where I found I enjoyed her scenes. And she serves as a great foil for Helen. Helen has time, wisdom and patience on her side while her daughter has youth, impatience, and aggression on hers. Yet, they still care for each other. It works well.

I adore Will. *points to icon* I think you might guess why. He reminds me a lot of Daniel and in stories I tend to be drawn to Daniel archetype characters. (Not so much in real life, but that's a different story.) Will is great as a shrink-type and he has the snark to go with his protege role. He pretty much represents the audience and we get to see so many new and exciting things through his eyes.

The rest of the characters are great too. I love the main villian (you know he'll be back). He and AT played incredibly well off each other.

The effects can be a little off. Sometimes the effects work seemlessly. Other types they are jarring. However, as a person who enjoys video games, I am used to that video game CG look. It doesn't bother me. For other people, it might.

Also, sometimes it takes a moment to get past all the SG alum on the show, but they are so good at what they do, the momentary shock wears of and I see their characters. And that's great. It really speaks toward the acting.

And I have to say, I loved Peter Deluise ;)

I'll probably have more thinky thoughts on the plot and characters when I watch the first 4 webisodes again. And I still have the next 4 to watch. But so far, I love the show, the music, the cast, and the acting. Hopefully, it will stay around for a while so I can enjoy it :)
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