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Thoughts on Superman: Doomsday

I liked it. I know that a lot of comic diehards might not like it since it's not the same, but I went into the movie knowing there would be changes and the story would be condensed.

At the same time, it was really enjoyable. Superman stories shine when they focus on character and personality in addition to the action. So to see the world struggle with a Superman that takes his paternalistic streak to the extreme and for Superman himself to see this cracked version of himself was very interesting.

I found the star to be James Marsters as Lex. He reminded me a lot of Michael Rosembaum's Lex, the cool cunning calculated side. His Lex and SV's Lex have to be my faves to this date. Man, he was just creepy. I dare say even homoerotic subtext but with a very creepy bent. Mourning Supes death, cloning him to make a Superman under his control, and his attempt to covet anything Superman "had" including Lois.

Adam Baldwin was okay as Superman. Nothing spectacular but not bad either. I could buy him as Superman.

I wasn't very impressed with Anne Heche as Lois, though. First, I found her character model a bit jarring and she looked a lot like Smallville's Lana Lang. But my issue with her was that she somehow. She was aggressive and in love, but she lacked something I've always enjoyed in Lois. I haven't quite pinpointed it yet. She did, however, have an amazing moving scene with Martha where she breaks down over Superman's death.

Not sure yet how I feel on the take with Lois and Superman dating, but without Superman admitting he was Clark until the end. Lois wins for knowing anyway, but it was a bit odd. But I don't know enough about the comics to know how the Superman/Clark reveal went down.

They're all just different retellings of the myth anyway, so that's cool.

But *sigh* Lois/Clark. It's always a pairing that makes me smile.

Great movie. Despite the nitpicks, I highly recommend it.
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