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Smallville: 7x01 - Bizarro

I've been scarce as real life as gotten worse over the past week and I don't feel like getting emo on my LJ. But I'm poking in for a few to post my thoughts on the SV premiere.

I loved the premiere. I think this is one of the best premieres for this show I've seen. It was both plot and character driven and each actor did a great job acting. I was impressed.

The Good

**Clark-centric: talk of destiny. He really seemed like a hero in this ep.
**Martian Manhunter: pushing Clark but also letting him know his humanity is part of him. AWESOME!
**Bizarro: excellent villian. Loved him. TW played him completely different.
**Lex: This is the Lex I love. The Lex who is struggling to be good even though we know ultimately he will lose that battle. The "angel" scene was just beautifully done. Lex redemption stories always get me.
**Sunlight: Clark already knows his powers are connected to the sun, but here we had definite scenes linked to yellow sunlight. The imagery was stunning.
**Lois: This is the Lois I've always loved. She is so distraught over Chloe she has to do something, anything. Lois goes in blindly.
**Chloe: Chloe in the morgue? I'd be creeped out too if I was Chloe. Plus her scene mourning Lana was excellently done.
**Kara: This one surprised me. But when Kara was sitting all by herself, it was sad. She thinks she's alone.

The Bad

I don't think I have many complaints. It was a good ep.

**Lana: I'm not anti-Lana. I'm annoyed TPTB chose not to do much with her character. That's a different rant. What I didn't like about this episode was that last scene with Lana in the blonde wig. For suspense, I think they shouldn't have shown Lana in this ep, but if they had to, maybe a better shot? The fakeness of it took away from the impact of the scene.

Other than that, the Clana and the Lexana didn't bug me.

Other Things I Enjoyed

**All the Clois goodness. Yay! We had a Clois hug, a Bizarro/Lois moment, and a Clois hospital scene. I don't want the two together on the show, but moments like these make me so happy.

**As a Chloe fan, I loved her scenes and I look forward to seeing more with her exploring her powers this season.

**Cho-lo love! I love the cousins!

Fave lines (paraphrased)

Chloe in regards to flying: "You got to get on that one!"
Bizarro to Lois: "How can a guy miss what's right in front of him?"
Lois: The ass-grab comment. Hee ;)

Lots of great friendship moments in this one. Just loved it :) I know I'm forgetting stuff but it truly was a great episode.

I'm still debating whether to watch SGA tonight. I haven't been in much of a TV watching mood. Maybe I'll catch it on a rerun.
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