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Smallville: Kara 7x02

Watched "Kara" on Thursday but posting my thoughts now :)

I enjoyed it. It wasn't perfect but it was still very good.

The Good
--Lois at the Daily Planet. YAY!
--Clark in a mentor role
--Conflict for Chloe
--A plot that was mythology intensive. These episodes always are the best.

The Bad
--Um, I thought Kara was really wooden. Maybe she was supposed to be.
--Exposition overload in the Lex and Lana scene
--Exposition problems in the Clark and Kara scene about meteor rocks

But overall, it was very good and I left feeling satisfied.

I think I have a couple of unpopular opinions for this episode. One, I liked Grant. I didn't expect to like Grant. I like his abrasiveness. He gives it to you straight. He's a real motivator. This is a guy who wants stories and stories that will wow people but that would still be respectable. I *love* how he put Lois down a peg when she tried to claim that The Inquisitor was a rival to the Planet. Of course it isn't. But Grant knows how to play the publishing game and he knows what to do it make people produce quality work. I just wish he was a tad older.

Also, I wasn't bothered by the way he treated Chloe. I'm a Chloe fan - it's a travesty I don't have ANY Chloe icons; I need to remedy this situation this weekend - and this made my day. Why? Because while I love that Chloe stands by Clark and is a good friend, I often feel it's hurting her career and her dreams. She covers for him so much. If I were Chloe, I would do the same, but it is hurting her career. To people who don't know why she deflects so much, it looks like she has lost her passion, even if that is not the case. So for Grant to come in and be that cruel, which happens in the real world, it was a good wake up call for Chloe to examine where she wants to go. Conflict is GREAT. I think we're going to get some awesome Chloe this season.

Besides, if everyone was nice to Chloe and spoke the world of her and put her on a pedestal, we'd end up with another Lana. No thanks.

I'm not anti-Lana, either. I just really wished they'd flesh her out more and stop having the characters exalt her. Lex calling her brilliant? *winces* I didn't like that scene much and I've always like Lexana in theory. I'm glad Lana is darker - it gives her character more edge and always KK some room to move. But I wish we had characters on the show that didn't like Lana. That would make her more believable for me. We'll see where they take the character.

Still loving Lex. :)

And while I'm in the minority over Grant and Chloe's treatment, I am also in the minority over Kara. I liked her and all, but I found her to be wooden. Maybe that is the "Kryptonian" Kara and she'll loosen up over the course of her arc. I hope so, anyway.

Other random bits I enjoyed:

The Clois parts were fantastic. Perfect. Nice foreshadowing. Yay!

Second episode in a row where I noticed Clark is more mature and using his mind to make deductive leaps. Amazing what no Lana can do.

Best part? Clark for the win when he slammed Jor-el and made it clear his emotions are part of who he is. Yes!

Not a fan of Clana, but looking forward to next week :)

And yes, I do really need Chloe icons. I have decided.
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