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07 October 2007 @ 07:49 pm
SPN: 3x01 The Magnificent Seven  
Happily, the CW has their eps online so I can watch it at my leisure :)

I liked it. It's amazing how much more I like the show when I am not watching it on TV. Or maybe it's because the ones I caught inS 2 just sucked and I missed the good ones.

I loved the concept of The Seven Deadly Sins. I was a bit slow and didn't catch on until they said it. That's okay.

As usual, the show is on the predictible side and there's really not a part where I didn't see something coming, but I've always liked this show more for the emotion and the atmosphere. It always has a suspenseful and creepy vive to it which is exactly what it is supposed to do.

Sam was Sam. I enjoyed him as I always do. Dean reacted pretty much how I thought he would react with a year to live. My guess is that Sam is going to keep looking for a way to save Dean anyway. Both very much in character. And we know whatever happens will probably culminate somewhere near the finale. But I enjoyed both characters and I even got some whumped Dean, even if it was for a second ;)

But the real star of this episode was Bobby. I almost didn't recognize him all cleaned up. Crazy! But he was so awesome. I love him so very much. *hugs him* Best supporting cast ever. I still miss Papa Winchester, though.

I liked the couple slayer/demon hunters. They were cool. And the new blonde chick didn't bother me. I know there's been some controversy about adding new members to the cast but I'm okay wih it. I think they're going to serve as good foils to Dean and Sam and I tend to like that in storytelling. But since I don't know any spoilers, I'm not sure how it will pan out.

Anyway, good solid episode for the premiere. The preview for next week looks good too. So we'll see :)

I have to catch up on SGA at some point, too.
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aizjanikaaizjanika on October 8th, 2007 04:18 am (UTC)
hehe I hated the concept of the seven deadly sins. It felt to me like making the demons cheesy and campy--like Fair Game on SG-1. *g* Instead of being scary and evil, they were just larger-than-life caricatures.

I agree about Bobby, though--at least, Bobby in a suit was the only squee-worthy moment for me. I love Bobby.

OTOH, I have to admit that I didn't really like him working so closely with the guys yet again--especially in the season opener. I found AHBL (the last episodes of season 2) somewhat boring because of the lack of Dean & Sam interaction, and I felt that here, too. Even when Dean and Sam were together, they seemed off, disconnected. Whatever that means, it was boring (for me) to watch.

I also agree that the preview for next week looks good, but I have serious reservations about it. *g* If it's another (in my opinion) assassination on Dean's character, I may have to cry...more. *g* I've already decided that this episode (TMS) didn't happen in my world. I hated it that much. *g*

Have you watched any episodes of SGA this season? I haven't. It's not even because of the changes on the show. I think I was just tired of what they kept doing to Rodney on the show and without the SG-1 lead-in, I can't find it in me to watch.
aizjanika: spn john dean faces down - by oolitteraizjanika on October 8th, 2007 04:19 am (UTC)
P.S. I still miss John, too. I wouldn't care how stupid it was, if they ever brought him back, I'd be happy.
jessm78: Hollywood Babylonjessm78 on October 9th, 2007 12:14 am (UTC)
I wrote up a few thoughts on this ep in my LJ but I just had to comment here too :)

I agree pretty much with everything you've said. I'd seen the show on and off once or twice later on in S1 but I didn't get sucked in until S2. Luckily the dvds have allowed me to get all caught up. *grin*

I thought it was a good episode. I thought they took out the seven deadly sins pretty quickly and did notice a bit of predictability throughout it all, but that was about it. The blonde girl didn't really bother me either. I thought some of the scenes of her killing the demons were a bit cheesy with the Matrix-like effects but I thought they introduced her well and I guess they'll be addressing some of her back story later on.

Yep, Bobby was the real star of the ep I thought - he did a great job and did look quite good in that suit. :D I still miss John too, it would be great if he could *some*how make another appearance, but I don't know how they'd manage that.

I'm also interested to see how Sam will try to save Dean. I enjoyed them both in this ep too. You could tell that Dean was aching underneath all that bravado of his. And I thought the confrontation Sam had with him at the end was very well done.

Definitely looking forward to next week's ep. :)