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SV: 7x03 Fierce

Posted my SPN thoughts. Now for SV.

Okay, I missed the very beginning of this. My father was on the phone long distance and talks really loud, so I couldn't hear anything. But it looked good.

I have to say I enjoyed Kara much more this week. I really liked seeing Clark in the same position his parents were and making the same mistakes. He truly is a Kent. He was trying the best he could with Kara and the only way he knew how. She rebelled as anyone her age normally would with Clark being overbearing.

The melon thing was hialrious!

Both Kara and Clark have their own thoughts on their place in this world and neither one is wrong. I love that. Clark stands by Earth as his home and his human side. His problem is that he clings to it so dearly, he is unable to embrace his heritgae. Kara, on the other hand, lacks that emotional attachment and clings to her Kryptonian heritage, something that makes her an outsider. Which is right? Neither is right and neither is wrong. The happy medium is where they need to be. I believe that in the end they will learn from each other to find that middle ground and then become the heroes we know they are.

Another highlight of this episode was the Lex and agent man scenes as well as that final scene with Lex and Kara. Awesome. I loved the way Lex played it smooth and sly and the echoes to the pilot episode were great. And I *love* how they keep having Lex wondering if this alien visitation is a good or a bad thing. My fave is a Lex who is convinced he's the good guy. It makes for a much more interesting villian.

And I liked *two* Clana scenes. I am not against Clark/Lana but I am really tired of the on again/off again thing that's been happening for the course of this series, mostly from seasons 4-7. I liked that first scenes when Lana came back and Clark was speechless. They barely spoke in that scene (thank goodness). Then, I liked the scenes when they were in the kitchen talking about Clark's not so great approach with Kara. That scene was nice and non-angsty.

However, I didn't like most of the Clark/Lana stuff, the parts that seemed to stop the story rather than move it along. (The uneasy Clark is having is a nice sign though.) And the Lex/Lana stuff didn't sit well with me. It irks me because I always liked the chemistry between Lex and Lana, but TPTB write it lately in a way where Lex always looks weaker. Lex is the brilliant mastermind, not Lana! *sigh*

Also, not so keen on the Kara/Jimmy stuff. Not the way it's presented. And poor Chloe who has a boyfriend that now hates meteor freaks. But he does have a point. Most of them have flipped. No wonder Chloe keeps freaking out.

I am rambling, but I'm trying to get in as much as I can since it's starting to thunder. Anyway, looking forward to next week! This week was good (though not as good as the prior eps) and next week's should be interesting. Still an enjoyable ep, though. I am curious to see how Clark/Lana plays out this season. Maybe I'll like it better without the secrets and lies. Maybe ;)
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