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SPN: Last Two Episodes

I wasn't going to post my thoughts, but I decided to just be brief instead.

Bad Luck at Black Rock
I wanted to like this episode more than I did. There was just something off about it for me and I'm not sure what. it might have been the editing or the crazy Jesus guy. Actually, I'm pretty sure it was that combination. Crazy guy got too crazy too fast and it didn't work for me. The editting jarred me.

Best line was "I lost my shoe." This episode cemented how I alreayd felt (even if I didn't love it): JA is the best emotional actor while JP wins with comedy.

So Sam was funny and Dean was cool. Bobby love here. And I'm kind of eh on Bella. I like Ruby a lot better.

Sin City
I liked this episode better than the prevous one and I have to say I am enjoying the ongoing theme of vices and the contrast and comparison between demons and humans.

Richie was vaguely interesting. And I was spoiled for DSD from posts on my flist, but I forgot about it before I watched the ep today. His role was tiny anyway.

Again, I am loving Bobby and I like how he's taking a more active role in the brothers' lives. Maybe he feels some kind of responsibility over them. I don't know. But he's cool.

I felt like Dean was made of awesome in this episode. He deduced Casey was a demon right away and he was all set to send her packing. I enjoyed that, even if he totally flubbed up.

The interaction between Casey and Dean was very interesting. I enjoyed the philosophy of it and how we could see that what was going on in Dean's head via their conversation about hell. And while I enjoyed that, I do get a bit nervous about how more and more is being revealed. I know it happens in every show, but SPN is losing some of its mystery. The lack of knowing is what makes horror work most of the time and why I enjoyed S1 so much. The more they know and the more we get into heaven and hell, God and the devil just takes away that air of mystery.

Anyway, it was good and I'm glad that Sam is still struggling with what he's doing and his pact with Ruby. That gives me hope that he's still in there somewhere.

Still enjoying Ruby, but not sure what her agenda truly is. So we'll see where it goes from here.
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