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Farscape: Starbrust 4.3 (sans Bad Timing)

I watched these a few months back, but I get so lazy about posting. Maybe becausue I figure no one wants to hear. But I've decided to post while I have a few minutes.

Mental as Anything

You know, I love D'Argo. I've loved him from the very start. I liked him before I liked anyone else. I think the actor captured him beautifully. But I never really liked any of his episodes. While his character is important and his backstory and drive were well-crafted, I just never could sink my teeth into his episodes.

This episode changed that.

Hands down, this was the BEST D'Argo-centric ep I have seen in the series. They kept me guessing through the entire episode whether he killed his wife or not. The beauty of it is that they went the middle road - D'Argo didn't have full control and he hurt his wife, but he would never kill her. However, the possibility always remained and that is where the good stuff came to play.

I loved how D'Argo finally had the mental control he'd been trying to achive for so long. At the same time, it was sad watching his past and realizing just how young and foolish he and his wife were, but just how deeply they cared for each other.

Scorpius rocked as usual, and I liked how he was the one who was secretly pushing to make John stronger. Very very interesting.

Bringing Home the Beacon

I didn't like this episode as much as the previous one, but I feel it was one of the better female-centric episodes that the show has given us. I liked the genetic modification moment with Chiana and Noranti, and I was intriguedby the political dealings between Grayza and the Scarrans. I felt that fleshed Grayza out more, who had annoyed me all season.

I figured there would be something "wrong" with Aeryn as she fell behind. I liked the idea of a bioloid and how John was broken over it, even if it wasn't Aeryn. Naturally, that sets things up for an Aeryn rescue, once they figure out where she is.

A Constellation of Doubt

This episode confused me. But I'll go back to that thought in a minute.

I could appreciate the footage that John was watching. From an athropological point of view, I enjoyed the reacions to the aliens that people had. It really speaks to the human condition and the range of possibilties and reactions we have. Some overreact. We overanalyze. There are competeing viewpoints, all equally flawed. So I enjoyed that quite a bit.

(And I'm not a big Chiana fan, but her innocence here really touched me - the dead rat, the makeup, the toliet.)

That part was brilliant. However. I get confused in the connection between the documentary and the reality. The documentary seems to be normal, until he starts seeing "visions: or something where Aeryn talks to him about Katratzi. I don't get it. Is that John's subconscious at work or is something else going on? At first I thought Monroe was the guy from "Unrealized Reality" and was trying to nudge John and I got excited, but that didn't happen. Still, is it just his subconscious at play here? What were those visions when he saw Aeryn giving him intel?

I did like how John figured out it was Sikozu-Stark that said Katratzi, though. And since touch with John so desperate he'll finally give Scorpius what he wants.

All in all, a wonderful episode.


This was an odd episode to me. The Aeryn parts didn't really strike me until the end, but I did enjoy John and Scorpius jaunting through the wormhole. Then there was the part where they travelled to the alternate reality first seen in "Unrealized Reality." I enjoyed that part too. John knew the place well, but Scorpius had to pause to really let it all sink in. The moment where John is hesitating to kill not!Aeryn was beautifully done, as was Scorpius taking control to get the job done. I more of an idealist who is against killing, but at the same time I understood why they did what they had to. Scorpius had to seize control.

Aeryn's characterization is always a sore spot for me. It took me a while to warm up to her at first because I felt she was inconsistent. The writers didn't seem to have a solid handle on her backstory or who she was supposed to be. She would be very cold and almost mechanical and emotionless, or then just very regemented but emotional. There was no gradual move either way. I never really got the sense, until later in the series, just what type of person she had been bread to me. If I had a better idea, I think I could have followed her exposure and transition a bit better.

I found her very strong in S2 and S3, but sometimes to a fault. I've enjoyed her in S4 but sometimes found her too weak. Maybe I'm just too hard on female portrayals in shows. I just happen to like her best wheren she is somewhere in the middle. When I started viewing this episode, I got nervous that she would seem weak again, but the ending seasons when she took control of the situation and showed us she couldn't be bamboozled worked for me. Because of that strength I saw in the end and the defiance throughout the episode, I liked the contrast with her desperation as she prayed to a deity she didn't really believe in.

We're So Screwed: Fetal Attraction

After getting burned with the X-Files stupid baby plot, I wasn't so keen on the Farscape baby plot. (Nor was I keen on the SG-1 baby plots - the Adria one, and the Shifu one to a lesser extent, though at least they did it better than XF.) I get a little testy because it seems to make out that the ultimate goal for women are to procreate and that annoys me. I want children and I want a career. But it doesn't define me. I find many shows let it define the women and that is where I get hyper.

So far, the FS one hasn't snowballed out of control. At least not yet. The baby serves a plot purpose and is a tie back to Critchoon's hiddne wormhole knowledge. This I can work with. And I don't feel like it's broken Aeryn's character.

That said, this was an awesome episode. I really can't find complaint with it. The sneaky around, the desperate but light tone mixed together, and then the sadness as innocents were lost.

I loved this part between Noranti and Rygel, who complains that Noranto nearly killed him: Noranti is with Rygel, who says she nearly killed him. "No I didn't," she replies, "But I did kill others. By my actions, I have taken innocent lives." "Welcome to Moya," he says, "In my time as Dominar, some of my actions resulted in the deaths of the undeserving. Even when the cause is just, it's a hard thing to accept."

Nice. Man, I've grown to love Rygel.

John double crossing Scorpius was a nice touch. And while I think it's a little ridiculous to keep bring this character back, yay Harvey! Woo!

Hot to Katratzi

Awesome continuation episode. I loved this episode more than the previous one. I adore intrigue in any story. I love political manuveurs. These are the types of events that hold my attention.

So, having John walk right in and put his knowledge up to bid and watch the different sides scramble was highly enjoyable. But having Scorpius' true intentions questionable and added to the mix made it perfect. When he said he had been a spy for ten years? I was like, no! You better be lying. I, like John, am starting to trust you, you stinker. Then add that the Moya crew are intigating the different groups on the base gives it an even more frenzied feel. It was beautifully complex.

And Stark! (Or not...)

Then there is the part at then end where it looks like Scorpius betrays them and to be continued. Good stuff even if I make little sense.

La Bomba

Okay, my first question is what is with the flowers? They've been hanging around for a long time. I remember them from previous episodes and now it's bugging me. I know in this episode it apparently makes the Scarrans smarter. Did that get hinted at in previous episodes? Is there more to them? If the answer is in the future, then okay. I can wait. But it's bugging me.

Anyway, awesome John and Scorpius moments. Harvey the failsafe. Harvey the liar.

Scorpius. For. The. Win.

I liked how Stark was just a bioloid and that meant the real one was around somewhere. I loved when Braca was finally outed where his allegiance lied (even if we already knew) and how he then teamed up with the Moya crew. ANd I loved how Grayza lost it.

And then Scorpius has a freak out that he can't destroy the flowers.

The Sikozu think seemed to come out of left field, even if it had been hinted at earlier. It still felt odd and convenient.

Scorpius freaks out again. Man, he doesn't like those flowers. Or losing.

Everything goes boom and they escape. I guess I am so desensitized to Tv that I didn't even really think about it until John said, "Hi, honey. Guess what I did at work today? I wore a bomb. A nuclear bomb in a field of flowers. I could get lucky. Tomorrow I could have a bigger bomb. I could kill... more people. Maybe innocent people. Children, maybe."

And that was a perfect way to end. Bittersweet victory.

I only have "Bad Timing" left and then the minseries. I've been stalling. Heh.

But so far, I'm impressed. I wasn't with S1 and S2 which seemed hit or miss with me, but the character moments of S3 and the superb plot of S4 have made up for it.
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