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Positive Feedback and Personal Fic Thoughts

Usually, I tend to post on some of the funny feedback I get, whether it be about my stupidity over Sam/Pete or incest Sam/Daniel, or even how mean I am to mini!Jack, despite how much I adore him. Besides, funny feedback is more fun to spork.

Today, I figured I'd take a moment to highlight some positive email feedback I got this past week. I rarely post good feedback, but no one can argue it's not nice to get, and it's good to know that the fic worked in some way.

This is in regard to my novel Echoes of Autumn:

Hi there

just read this and I don't as a rule don't that often feel moved enough to send feedback, but I just had to this time :)

I love the way you wrote it - I felt Jack's frustration so much, and, kept praying all the way through that it really was a scenario created by some alien intervention, I did like the twist that it was [spoiler edited] you well and truly caught me out there **wink** and, one of the best measures of a nice emotional peice, I had a tear or two at the end, and it's been a while since I read a fic that did that.

Anyway, scampering off to read more of your stuff **grin**

It does feel good to get feedback like this. I know this story in particular was very hard for some people to read, especially for people that didn't know me well enough to know how I feel about the characters or how I tend to write. To this day, I consider it my overall best. It might not have the best prose. It may not even have the best characterization. But overall, it gelled together in a way that really connects for me and I don't think I'll ever write anything that will be as successful both through the eyes of fandom and for my own personal satisfaction.

I wrote it for a couple of reasons:

1) Season Eight was wrapping up and I knew this would be it for RDA. So for me, this was my way of giving RDA/Jack a send off. It was a nod to Jack, to the Jack and Daniel friendship, and to the team.

2) I wanted to play with mystery and suspense in a more emotional way, and I wanted to do it by turning some fandom cliches on their head. For some, I accomplished this goal. I'm sure for others, I didn't.

I tend to avoid talking too much about my fic, how I envisioned the characters, and how I arrived at the plot since I don't like to come off egocentric. I hope I kept it to a minimum here. But one day, I think I'd like to make some more detailed posts, like those "DVD Fic Commentary" posts that I see. Even if no one is interested in them, it would be a nice way for me to reflect and keep track of my fandom history and where I was at the time. I'm a nostalgic one ;)
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