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I can't be silent on this one.

This started over at nialla42's journal. The discussion revolves around a writer who is looking to published Stargate related materials and a sequel to Harry Potter. She has an interview at The SciFi World.

She is writing a new Stargate series called Andromeda Gate: New Beginnings.

She has written other books in the past, and you have GOT to love the reviewer of this book.

You have to read it to believe it.

Then, stargazercmc did some digging and found out that the same person was posing as a US soldier stationed in Iraq. Someone who had "adopted" her to send her goods got suspicious and uncovered the scam.

You can read more at stargazercmc's LJ here. And you can read the care package volunteer's investigation here.

No words.

ETA: The interview has been pulled for further investigation. Caps of the interview are in the works.

ETA2: zats_clear has the text from the interview Pt 1 here, Pt 2 here, Pt 3 here. Still waiting to see if we can get actual caps :)

ETA3: stargazercmc has caps up, now. Just click on her link above and you can see them. Also, we don't know the whole story, so please respect the webmaster. I'd hate to see anyone legit get dragged down in this. Thanks :)
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