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Smallville 7x09: Gemini/SPN 4x08: A Very Supernatural Christmas

I'm really inconsistent with writing up my thoughts on episodes, heh. I decided to this week.


I've been so busy that I forgot the name of this episode and therefore any kind of significance it would play in the episode. Perhaps that is a good thing.

I also was relatively unspoiled for this episode. My lurking ways in fandom got me tangled up in possibly cloning involved, but that is all I knew.

From what I saw, this was a good episode. I bet it would have been better if I hadn't missed the first 20 minutes - I forgot it was Thrusday AND that new episodes were on. Ugh. I wasn't happy. I only remembered when I saw a comment on meg_tdj's LJ about SPN. Oops!

So at this time, I have no clue what happened. Just that Lois was working to save Chloe. Chloe and Jimmy knew there was a bomb on her. Clark was acting a bit odd and OOC. And some guy Adrain was calling all the shots. (Who played Adrian? Does anyone know? He reminded me of Tomin from SG-1.)

From the preview, the guy on the phone sounded like Julian so I was wondering by the time I watched the ep if Julian was a clone (for real) and that he was a mistake and had aged crazy. I wasn't right, but at least I was close. I loved the scene where Lois was interviewing Lex and he could tell something was off about her. Then, the confrontation between Adrian and Julian - so well done.

Lex was awesome. He was cool, smart, savvy Lex, but also creepy, twisted, mad scientists Lex. He doesn't feel he did anything wrong. He just wanted a family. That works amazing for his character arc.

Julian/Grant ended up becoming an great complex character and I love him. I didn't like office romance with Lois, but he had a lot of layers to him. I even was kind of sad he broke it off with Lois, but it also means we got the line where Lois vows never to date a coworker again. Oh Lois. If only you knew.

Chloe and Jimmy were too cute. I liked that she was finally honest with him. He was really supportive of her and you can tell he cares, but at the same time he played it well enough that you can see he's a bit wigged out about her power (when they hugged in the end). Not overly so, but the concern was there. But he was too funny when he asked if she could fly and also before when she used her last phone call on Clark. Poor Jimmy. I love him, though.

But I was really confused about Clark. When I came into the ep, I wondered if he was even in it because he didn't show up until near the end for me. He came in with Lana at the DP and he just seemed so bizarre. He even looked different. He wasn't really doing anything. He didn't ask where Chloe was. He didn't come looking for her. Then, when he heard Chloe's screams and he just bolted up through the stairwell I was like wha? Why did they animate this to make it look like he's flying? Clark can't fly! And then I realized it was a jump so that was okay.

Then he was gone. He didn't stick around. I thought that was odd. And then when they were back at the farm, his scenes with Chloe were weird and his scenes with Lana wigged me out. This couldn't be Clark. What is going on?

Ah, he's Bizarro. Wait. When did that happen! I don't know what happened in the first 20 minutes but whoa. I need to watch it somehow. But it was great. Bizarro wants what Clark has - friends, love, a normal happy life. Here's his chance to take Clark's place.

Clark frozen and trapped in the Fortress os Solitude? Ouch. Can't wait to know what happened. Smallville wins this year with their comic-esque cliffhangers :)

A Very Supernatural Christmas

Okay. Corniest title ever. But it made me giggle.

I'm not sure how I feel about this episode yet. It was good, but kind of...I don't know. I liked the idea of Dean's last Christmas and how Christmas wasn't a good time of year for them in the past. That makes sense. John was so obsessed with revenge and trying to keep his boys safe that he never really had a chance to stop and be their father. I never doubted his love for them, but as far as he was concerned they were never safe and he could never rest.

The actual Evil Santa that comes through the chimmney? That had potential but didn't work for me. I didn't like how they took pagan gods and made them evil. That bothered me. In fact, I never like when they do that on this show. You would think that it wouldn't bug me based on the mythology of the show, but it does. This isn't like Stargate that usually takes a god from a culture and messes with it. In the end, you know it's not really the god of that culture. It's just someone pretending. In Supernatural, the pagan gods are evil. That just doesn't really fit into the theme of the show (for me.) I always really see it as God vs the Devil and everything in between. Pagan gods don't fit that equation for me. Obviously, the show doesn't feel the same way.

I know the show is rooted in Catholic/Christian mythology and demonology. That is why I feel the show works best when it tackles urban myths and good vs evil in the form of people (or heavenly symbols) vs demons. Eh I know I'm not making any sense. I'm just saying I prefer the show when it sticks to demons and ghosts and weird creatures and doesn't bring in pagan gods. It doesn't really fit as well with the heart of the show. And I say this as a Catholic.

I wish they would have stuck with some kind of spirit or evil creature being the cause, but with a twist, instead of using pagan gods.

Aside from that issue I had, it wasn't a bad episode. I loved the boys singing badly. I really felt it had a lot of heart, especially the flashbacks. I really felt bad for them. And as an older sibling, I can relate to Dean a lot, even if I am nothing like him.

The end was nice with both Winchesters unable to really vocalize anything they were feeling, and Sam giving in to having Christmas.

My fave part had to be the reveal why the amulet is so important to Dean. His brother gave it to him. That made me tear up :)

So, mostly a good episode.

*sigh* Now I got to wait forever for new eps of Smallville and Supernatural to air.

And wow. I'm chatty today.

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