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Writer Challenge

Okay flist. For all of you who write and who are around today, I challenge you to write 500-1000 words today. Do more if you can. I don't care what it is. It could be original fic or it could be fanfic. If it's fanfic, pick a show/fandom. Anything. I don't care what it is. Just write.

Post your Word Count to your journal when you're done and we'll congratulate you.

Then, if you can, meet me online tonight and we can talk about it. Feel free to email me. IM me. (I'm on a few different programs.) Comment here. Whatever works for you.

Good Luck :)

ETA: If there are enough people, we can have a tenative chat, like a precursor to the chats I have planned for next year. Since this is a spontaneous event, I don't have any kind of format set and it's open to fanfic and original fic. I think most people are on AIM so we'll probably end up there tonight, but for the January related events, we'll come up with something that may be more inclusive (either an independent chatroom or IRC or something else.)

So if you can, pop online 9pm est. If not or you're shy, you can still comment stuff here or message me personally. We just want to all share in the writing fun :)

ETA2: Spiletta also has a chat -
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